A look back

… at the 2023 edition of the CF record path Text by Pasi Pirttikoski and Henk Lunshof Pictures: Wijnanda van Wijngaarden, Daniel Lepot, Michael Tomaselli ...
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How do they fly

How can this work? By Henk Lunshof, Lake Wales, 18-11-2023 Unfortunately, we had another day of being weathered out by the one week in the ...
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CF 25way Basis

Colouring the Sky

Unfortunately, we were unable to jump By Henk Lunshof, Lake Wales, 16-11-2023 Pictures: 25way, Chico Tomaselli / 4ways: Bernard Bond / Ground Pictures: Wijnanda van Wijngaarden ...
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Start of the Big Sequential

Start of the CF World Sequential Record By Henk Lunshof, Lake Wales, 13-11-2023 Photos by Wijnanda Van Wijngaarden-van der Vaart, Henk & Seele Last Saturday, ...
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CF BigWay Formation, Photo Michael Tomaselli, Cutaway Photography

Lake Wales 2023

crEUw members are prepared for major challenges By Henk Lunshof, At the end of this week, 28 crEUw members from Belgium, Czechia, Finland, Germany, the ...
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CF-8way. Photo by Seele

First camp in 2024

Brian and Yuliya would like to attend a camp in Europe next May. I started to organise a CF-Camp 16.-21.05.2024 (holidays in that region) to ...
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ECF Calendar 2024

Our calendar page is managed via our Google account and mirrored 1:1 on this page. We enter the notes for the corresponding appointments in the ...
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Danish CF ‘Bigger Ways’

2st Danish Big Way CF Camp with Grand Carava & coach Pasi Pirttikoski in Odense Lufthavn, 5270 Odense N, Danmark The small CF community in ...
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Proper Dink in Langar

Text from Marcus Muir-SmithPhotos: Screenshots from the Dropezone-Video It’s only 2 weeks until Proper Dink, and we’re getting excited to host you all. We’ve got ...
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Rigs get packed with a special help

CF Emergency Situations

Standard CF Emergency Situations And Solutions 1.) Introduction This guideline is based on an article by Mike Lewis (CRW Emergency Procedures). The intent of this ...
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Standard CF Commands

Standard CF Commands in Big Formations 1.) Introduction In big formations, especially with jumpers from many different countries, we need to make sure that we ...
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European CF Spring Camp 2023

The 1st European CF Spring Camp 2023 in EVORA and also the 2023 CUMULUS CONVENTION We need to improve our skills and for that purpose ...
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