European CRW/CF Record Attempt 2022 (Poland)

In September 19-24th 2022 we are gathering in Poland (SkyForce DZ) in order to set new European Canopy Formation (CRW/CF) Record, 36-way diamond, that will …

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Danish Big Way CF Camp

1st Danish Big Way CF Camp with Grand Caravan (D-FUNC) & coach Pasi Pirttikoski in Odense Lufthavn, 5270 Odense N, Danmark The small CF community …

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Canopy Formation CF14way

CF Big-way Training

European CF Training 2022 @ Hungriger Wolf Where the wolf is hungry, we will also satisfy the European CF hunger after a long Corona-break. Peti …

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ECF Calendar 2022

Attached is a collection of dates for ECF events, and some other CF events that are of interest to us in the coming year. The …

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The focus for a record

The Record Jump, Preparation, Execution and Psychology 1) Introduction When making a record jump, a competition jump or a serious training jump, you want of …

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Air Foil


CF-Aspects of Aerodynamics in Larger Formations It’s all about wing loading A ram air parachute like the PD Lightning or the Triathlon for instance is …

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CF 9way Diamond • Photo by Tomasz Bursa

First ECF meeting

1st European CF Meeting after Corona Lockdowns About 18 month after the first Corona lockdown, the European CF scene was able to meet again. Organized …

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Hall of fame Slider Titel CF100way

The end of two great weeks

Closure of a round-the-world CF trip By Henk Lunshof, Perris, 18 October 2019 After the exciting CFS exhibition jumps in China, from 10 to 13 …

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CF 43way with two points

Record days!

By Henk Lunshof, Wednesday, October 16 Skydive Perris’ workers were completely stressed when they found the first CRW Dogs organising parachutes and preparing to skydive …

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The game is ON!

Arriving and preparing for the CF Sequential and Night Record By Henk Lunshof, Perris Valley, 15 October 2019 Tense, excited, enthusiastic, anxious…43 CF jumpers have …

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The air show in China summarized

11 till 13 October, written by Henk Lunshof On Friday 11 October the CF World Team presented their special skills during the Air Sports Show, …

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Yaocheng, China, Day 1

Arrival and first practice day Today, all 21 members of the display team for Yaocheng have arrived at the Qiaojia Apartment Hotel; one Egyptian, one …

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