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The essential requirements to get a World- or Continental CF Record performance recognized by the FAI:

Procedures and rules
Procedures and Rules
Peter A. Pfalzgraf
  1. Every performer participating in a record performance must have a valid FAI sporting license. That is only proven if that individual is listed in the FAI data base for the year concerned (FAI Sporting Code Section 5 – 3.1.3 and 3.3 Performance Records → 3.3.4 Largest Formation Records).
  2. There has to be an appointed FAI Observer on the site during the performance to monitor that the record attempts are conducted according to the rules (FAI Sporting Code General Section 5.2, especially In our case that has to be an FAI CF Judge category 1.
  3. The record has to be claimed by a notice that is received by the FAI within 7 days accompanied by a photograph of that performance. It can be issued by the NAC of the country where the Performance took place, the NAC of the majority of participants or the organizer.
  4. All further evidence have to be submitted within 120 days after the event has ended.
  5. Any NAC (for instance by the organizer) or the NAC with the most participants is responsible to file a Record Claim Dossier prior to the event (FAI Sporting Code General Section, Chapter 7. International Records).

1 – 4: These points are compulsive. 5 – This point is recommended.

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FAI record requirements

Record Request / Claim


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