What do we do?

European Record CF30way, September 2018
European Record CF30way, September 2018

We are the European Canopy Formation Team (ECF), a group of well-known European CF-Skydivers. We fly formations with open parachutes, with friends from all over Europe. We also promote networks for athletes all over the world. So that we can all learn from each other and make others interested. An older name for our discipline is CRW (an abbreviation of Canopy Relative Work). The term CReW is a word play with the idea of ‘a crew’ in the sense of a team unit. From this, the working name CReW was derived.
This sense of team work is exactly what the ECF have in mind, and we have a specific goal. We want to promote our sports discipline by flying in the air with impressive images and perspectives. If we break records in this way, we are doing something we can be proud of. By working with as many nations as possible, we can push our discipline to a higher level and increase awareness of its beauty. Our staff, together with the team captains of the European countries, organize demanding events. At the end of the season each year, we all come together as a large group to set ourselves a challenge. In 2016, we achieved a 25way diamond formation. Only two years later we were able to extend this record to a 30way. We are sure that more is possible! Above all, we want to inspire more nations across Europe through our project.

Who are we?

We are voluntary athletes and, with the help of this site, we want to make contact with other parachutists who take part in our sport purely privately. For this reason, we waive any imprint of the usual kind and scope. Photos or videos, which are shown here, remain in the copy protection or copyright of the creator. Generally, this material is provided by our videographers. If anyone is interested in using this material, we would be happy to put them in touch with the right person. If you are a parachutist who is interested in learning something from us, we are also keen to hear from you. Please use the contact form to contact us.
The staff and country captains

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