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Thomas R. Seelbinder

Messelstr. 51

D-14195 Berlin


We are a pure community of interests and practice air sports without collecting any financial benefits. The Impress declaration is in German because it is the mother tongue of the website operator. Preparing the privacy policy in English would cost us a monthly fee that is out of proportion for our website.

Please have the following text translated with a program for your language if you want to understand the German data protection declaration.



Telefon: +49.30-82718175



Bildquellen und Urheberrechtshinweise:

This website is supported with images from the following skydivers. It is therefore not permitted to use these for commercial purposes without being asked.

If you are interested in stating the images, we will arrange the contact.

A list of our video and photographers:

Laurent Dreyfus (France), Bruno Brokken (Belgium), Gustavo Cabana (Argentina), M. Chico Tomaselli (USA/Italy), Laurent-Stephane Montfort (France), Ming Chu (Great Britain), Tomasz Burza (Poland), Wilco Peppelman (Netherlands), Maurice Kostros (Germany), Thomas R. Seelbinder (Germany)

Erstellt mit kostenlosem von Dr. Thomas Schwenke

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