A look back

… at the 2023 edition of the CF record path Text by Pasi Pirttikoski and Henk Lunshof Pictures: Wijnanda van Wijngaarden, Daniel Lepot, Michael Tomaselli Cutaway-Photography CrEUw jumpers Ben Simoens (Belgium), Szymon Chelmicki (Poland), Pasi and Matti Pirttikoski (Finland), Max Holmes and Marcus Muir-Smith (UK), Tomáš Deml and Martin Kučera (Czechia), George Buijtendijk and Henk …

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How do they fly

How can this work? By Henk Lunshof, Lake Wales, 18-11-2023 Unfortunately, we had another day of being weathered out by the one week in the year that Florida has experienced this kind of weather. There were only two lucky smaller formations that got the well-timed blue hole, but it was not big enough for the planned …

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CF 25way Basis

Colouring the Sky

Unfortunately, we were unable to jump By Henk Lunshof, Lake Wales, 16-11-2023 Pictures: 25way, Chico Tomaselli / 4ways: Bernard Bond / Ground Pictures: Wijnanda van Wijngaarden Unfortunately, we were unable to jump today and the last three days due to the weather conditions. So today’s post is not about our jumps, but about colouring the sky, …

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CF BigWay Formation, Photo Michael Tomaselli, Cutaway Photography

Lake Wales 2023

crEUw members are prepared for major challenges By Henk Lunshof, At the end of this week, 28 crEUw members from Belgium, Czechia, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and the UK will travel to the Jump Florida drop zone in Lake Wales for the upcoming large CF sequential record. Along with us, CF-jumpers from Australia to …

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European CRW/CF Record Attempt 2022 (Poland)

In September 19-24th 2022 we are gathering in Poland (SkyForce DZ) in order to set new European Canopy Formation (CRW/CF) Record, 36-way diamond, that will beat our last 30-way record set in 2018 (SkyDive Teuge / Netherlands)! Core Info WHAT: 36-way European Canopy Formation Record (planning). WHEN: 19-24 September 2022. WHERE: SkyForce, Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland …

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CF 43way with two points

Record days!

By Henk Lunshof, Wednesday, October 16 Skydive Perris’ workers were completely stressed when they found the first CRW Dogs organising parachutes and preparing to skydive at 6am. Yes, it’s really true! These CRW jumpers do what they say! The staff’s plan to clean the packing area with a leaf blower, powered by a noisy gasoline …

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The game is ON!

Arriving and preparing for the CF Sequential and Night Record By Henk Lunshof, Perris Valley, 15 October 2019 Tense, excited, enthusiastic, anxious…43 CF jumpers have just travelled towards Perris, California full of all forms of emotion. There is good reason for this mix of emotions and the will to undertake this trip. In the face …

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Yaocheng, China, Day 1

Arrival and first practice day Today, all 21 members of the display team for Yaocheng have arrived at the Qiaojia Apartment Hotel; one Egyptian, one Australian, two South Americans, three Europeans, five Canadians and nine Americans. For me, the trip involved three flights, starting in Groningen at 01:00 on Monday morning and ending at 13:00 …

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