Standard CF Commands

Standard CF Commands in Big Formations 1.) Introduction In big formations, especially with jumpers from many different countries, we need to make sure that we can communicate without any confusion because that is essential for the success of the jump and for every ones safety. For that reason, we will use standard commands for situations …

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The Raw Dogs Rigs

Critical Situations

How To Handle Very Critical Situations 1) Introduction In many incident reports, you can find that there is no explanation why the person that got into trouble did not carry out the appropriate actions to solve the problem. Most of the time that depends on the inability to handle the stress that is caused by …

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Umfrage Quelle

Survey Status

The survey runs until November 18th We need to know how many of our European CF folks we can expect for our events before we start organizing seriously. So please let us know how about your intentions until 18th November 2022. I would like to make the interim status known in this post PETi Count …

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European CRW/CF Record Attempt 2022 (Poland)

In September 19-24th 2022 we are gathering in Poland (SkyForce DZ) in order to set new European Canopy Formation (CRW/CF) Record, 36-way diamond, that will beat our last 30-way record set in 2018 (SkyDive Teuge / Netherlands)! Core Info WHAT: 36-way European Canopy Formation Record (planning). WHEN: 19-24 September 2022. WHERE: SkyForce, Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland …

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Canopy Formation CF14way

CF Big-way Training

European CF Training 2022 @ Hungriger Wolf Where the wolf is hungry, we will also satisfy the European CF hunger after a long Corona-break. Peti has found a host in northern Germany who can offer us the capacity we need.He provides the following text, which can also be downloaded as a PDF file. Likewise, all …

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Air Foil


CF-Aspects of Aerodynamics in Larger Formations It’s all about wing loading A ram air parachute like the PD Lightning or the Triathlon for instance is an air foil. As we will see, the aerodynamics of a ram air parachute are quite complex. The glide angle of such an air foil is invariant as long as …

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CF 9way Diamond • Photo by Tomasz Bursa

First ECF meeting

1st European CF Meeting after Corona Lockdowns About 18 month after the first Corona lockdown, the European CF scene was able to meet again. Organized by Simon Chelmicki we met at the Airport of Kruszyn near Wloclawek. From September 13th through 17th, we were jumping and flying different formations to regain routine and extend our …

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