CF-World-Team in China

Celebrating the CF World Team

The 100-way world record will be honoured this year

CF100-way, Photo by Bruno Brokken

Taiyuan, 9 October 2019, Henk Lunshof.

The CF World Team has members from all over the world who came together in 2003. Year after year the team trained in Australia, Europe and the United States and built many world records, 49-, 64-, 81- and then the 100-way canopy formation at Florida Skydiving Centre in Lake Wales on November 21, 2007. 142 members took part in this spectacular achievement, including 28 European CF jumpers. The 100-way record still stands and the team is about to be honoured for this ‘Path of Excellence.’

The International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame in Perris, California, is honouring the Canopy Formation World Record Team’s achievement with its Path of Excellence Award. The team will receive the award on October 18, 2019. Twelve ECF members will take part in this award ceremony including seven who were in the 100-way record.

The WR-Team in China, Laiwu, 2011
The WR-Team in China, Laiwu, 2011

While the award is a look back into recent CF history, the CF World Team has continued achieving new goals, setting records and performing big-way formations, including 16- and 25-way diamonds, for displays. The team’s most recent achievement was a 2 point 37-way sequential jump in March this year at Skydive Sebastian, which was a World Record and included six ECF members. From 15 to 17 October, just prior to receiving the Path of Excellence award, 44 Members of the CF World Team (including 12 ECF members) will meet in Perris and attempt to set a new sequential record.

Alongside setting new world records, the CF World Team has continued making display jumps across the world. For instance, from 11 till 13 October the team will be performing in China for the sixth time. 20 members of the World Team will meet at Yaocheng Airport in Taiyuan where they will make impressive big-way formations in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Republic of China.

Photos & Video by Bruno Brokken from Belgium

I am honoured to be part of this excellent team and to be taking part in both upcoming skydiving events, together with camera flyers Bruno Brokken (Belgium) and Gustava Cabana (Spain). I will be sharing live updates from both events. So, keep checking this website for daily updates on the Perris record attempt and the Taiyuan displays; the adventure starts in China.

CF100-way World Record,  November 21 2007

Edwardo Guillen

Tomislav Begic
Brett Higgins
Jules McConnel
Ben Nordkamp
Andrew Preston
Michael Vaughan
Andrew Whitten

Danny Van Oosterwyck

Eber Amaral
Paulo Assis

John Scott
Lyal Waddell
Aidan Walters

Ibrahim Abo Elwafa
Ehab Mahmoud

Pasi Pirttikoski

Christophe Balisky
Olivier Huart

Tom Brand
Thomas R.-Seelbinder
Peter A. Pfalzgraf
Ralf Stolzenberg
Claudia Balisky
Holger Gnoth
Viktor Krause

Remko Bolt
Gerben Frankvoort
Eward Slot
Herman Slot
Kees Tops
Marc van Aperen
Henny Wiggers

Denis Dodonov
Stanislav Murashkin
Alexei Volynskiy
Yuri Yugov

Ian Marshall
Gavin McLeod
Doug Preston
Martin Robiette
Maria Russell
Paul Speller

Chris J. Gay
Brian Pangburn
Yuliya Korkh
Eli Godwin
Michael Lewis
Mark Gregory
Kirk Bauer
Fio Antognini
Chris Warnock
Michael Chico Tomaselli
Kirk W. vanZandt
Steve Archuletta
Scott Shumway
Sharon Shumway
Charles Backus
Bruce Barnett
Jim Bolton
Mario Bufalino
Chas Bunch
Bill R. Clement
Jim Cowan
Jamie Cromer
Barbara Cuddy
Annie DeKoker
Cliff Dobson
Brian Fairhurst
Wendy Faulkner
Bob Feisthamel
Robert Bob Felt
Frank Fowler
Allen Gutshall
Dave Hillebrandt
Jackson M. Hoffman, Jr.
Dean Keating
Kevin R. Keenan
Shireen Khavari
Mark Kruse
Andrey Kuznetsov
Bob Lievsay
Mark Lounsbury
Frank P. Matrone
Roger C. McClelland
William Bill Mershon
Cheryl Michaels
Mike Paolin
Gary Peters
Ernie Pliscott
Raul Ramirez
James Rasmussen
Bob Reger
Damien Ristaqino
Steve Sassetti
Craig D. Stapleton
Keith Thivierge
Rusty Vest
Kevin Vetter
Shaun Vineyard

flown for Joe Lambright

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