Teuge is in distress

Only up to 5000 feet from 2019?

Edwin Boerkamp of the Nationaal Paracentrum Teuge has today, 23.06, sent the following email to all members of the dropzone:

Dear Member,

This morning, Simon and I went to an information meeting with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment where we had an explanation of the intended approach and departure routes for Lelystad airport.
Those routes will operate between Apeldoorn and Teuge Airport between 6000 and 9000ft and will eventually make use of 68 aircraft a day.
This means that the airspace above Teuge will be closed above 5,000ft as of April 2019, and you can fill in what this means. Of course, we do not simply accept this and together with the airport and, in particular, the municipality of Apeldoorn, we will pursue the struggle with I & M and LVNL, but to be honest the signs are not good.
From tomorrow, you can expect messages about this in the media. Tomorrow morning at 09:00 and tomorrow afternoon around 15:00 I will be contactable at the paracenter.

Edwin Boerkamp
Nationaal Paracentrum Teuge

This would mean that we will lose one of the best dropzones in Europe and can only jump there until next year! The chances of averting this decision are obviously very low. We will, however, report to all jumpers regarding further progress.


6 thoughts on “Teuge is in distress”

    1. It Will be in Teuge, from 24 t/m 30 June, 2019. Further information will follow soon in our Google Group. Greetz, Henk.

    2. Since this post was put up, the opening of Lelystad Airport has been delayed by at least a year because of politics. So Teuge’s future is still in danger, but we should be able to jump there in 2019.

  1. So sad this is on the cards, great drop zone. Can’t they come to a compromise? Best wishes from the UK.

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