Canopy Formation CF14way

Summary on the Skills 2018

European CF Scene 2018

Canopy Formation CF16way
Canopy Formation CF16way in Gransee

This year we have had two major CF skill camps so far (Gransee and Piotrkow Trybunalski) and I am very pleased to recognise a remarkable gain in the overall skill level. That does not mean we have reached the top but we are on a good way and I believe that we have a good chance to achieve our goal to set a new European Record building a 36-way Diamond this year.

The camps have reconfirmed that we need everybody participating to stay in the wing loading range of 1,300 to 1,380 to build a healthy formation. It has shown again that a formation with overloaded canopies at the top is sinky and hard to dock on. Only few canopies with a higher wing loading can be used in the big diamond and among those most need to be smaller sizes.

Canopy Formation CF16way
Canopy Formation with ECF-Flag in Gransee

For the record jumps we will of course have to meet certain standards. So everybody who wants to get on the record team is requested to be in the wing loading range mentioned above. Also the equipment needs to meet certain standards: every canopy has to have a line set with „world record trim“. A trim chart will be on our web site where you can check if your canopy is the way we need it. Alle sliders have to be quiet. That means that you have either a mash slider or a spider slider.

The location of the record attempts is not finally decided but you will be informed in time. If it is not going to be Gransee it might happen in Piotrkow Trybunalski in Poland.

For next year we might even try to organise a 49-way record in Teuge but that lies far ahead and may for now be looked at as a motivation for everybody to keep exercising.

Last but not least I want to make you aware that there will be a CF6-Special competition 6.- 7. October this year in Belgium. As we have tested this new competition format in Gransee already and liked it a lot I can only encourage everybody to participate.

Blue-Blue, ther PETi,
Photos by Seele

Canopy Formation CF16way
Canopy Formation CF16way, DZ Gransee Germany, Photos by Seele

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  1. Hi,

    Dose the teams need to be from the same country or is there a list were i can sign up for availability to any team that needs a member?

    1. I do not understand what you are asking for? Would you like to participate in a training for large formations? We are all from different European countries.

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