Standard CF Commands

Standard CF Commands in Big Formations

1.) Introduction

In big formations, especially with jumpers from many different countries, we need to make sure that we can communicate without any confusion because that is essential for the success of the jump and for every ones safety. For that reason, we will use standard commands for situations that need our attention. However, every single jumper on jumps like that must be able to understand and speak a minimum of English words. If you don’t, that can lead to serious problems. We will in future not allow jumpers on bigger formations who don’t have the complete knowledge of these commands and a minimum ability to use the English language.

If ever possible, you shout know the name of the person you want to address before you call the command!

2.) Commands in the formation
  • Grip! Grip! Means the person addressed took a wrong grip on the canopy that has just docked and needs to adjust that.
  • Get heavy! Means the person addressed is floating up in the formation and needs to bring his/her canopy down with moderate front riser input.
  • Get lighter! Means the person addressed is pulling down in the formation and needs to make his/her canopy float a little more, either by putting on some breaks or easing possible front riser input.
  • Front riser! Means the person addressed is floating up in a wing position and needs to bring his/her canopy down with moderate outside front riser input.
  • Arch! Means everybody needs to look up and arch hard to make the formation fly fast and healthy. People off the center line of the formation should also twist their shoulders to the out-side of the formation.
  • Starburst – starburst! Means the formation will be separated after a count-down from a designated number, for instance 10

3.) Commands in critical situations
  • Hold me! Is used in funnel situation and means the person addressed should hold on to your canopy for instance if something is not clear underneath.
  • Drop me! Means you want to be released from the formation by dropping all grips on your canopy to ease the tension on the formation and help clear potential other problems.
  • Cut away! Means the person below should cut away his/her canopy to get clear from a warp and help the jumper above to get free from a canopy that is wrapped around him/her.

4.) Conclusion

Know these commands well at all times to be prepared! This will make our jumps a lot safer and enjoyable.

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Peter A. Pfalzgraf

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