Announcement for Spring Fling April 2017

Extract from the CF Google Group of the US CReW-dogs

Hello Everyone!lakewales_florida
Its that time of the year again to start thinking about the Spring Fling! This year due to scheduling conflicts we will be moving the Spring Fling to Lake Wales April 7th – 9th, 2017. But there are many people making plans to jump the weekend prior and all week in-between so if you need a longer CRW fix it sounds like many people will be around to do some small and big way formations for the 9 days starting April 1st (this is no Aprils fools joke either) through the 9th. So far over a dozen people have been making plans to jump the weekend prior that I am aware of.

Please let me know if you will be attending along with your canopy size so we can have enough organizers, video, and aircraft! Thanks!

The good news about Lake Wales is the hotels are much cheaper and the weather historically has been better so we anticipate more jumps for this years event! Hope to see you there!

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Brian Pangburn
on google group

The List:
Brian Pangburn – Organizer
Mike Lewis – Organizer
Eric Gallan – Organizer
Francois Hout – Organizer
Chico (video)

We are going to the Fling Sping with a nice group
The crEUw dogs-list:

Yuliya 113 Belarus 😉
Pasi (FIN) 160
Jason (GB) 113
Simon (PL) 193
Marcin (PL) 143
Maciej (PL) 143
Michal (PL) 143
Pawel (PL) 160
Martin (CZ) 160
Frans v.W. (NL) 160
Lennert  (NL) 143
Henk (NL) 143
A. Janky (GER) 160
Marion J. (GER) 143

… have a look for updates in our diary-post or  @ CReW-google group

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  1. The night world record will be on Friday evening. Saturday will be the backup in case of weather, etc.
    Everyone on the record must have an FAI sporting lisence. You must also fly good during the day practice. There will be 2 practice jumps after lunch on Friday. You have to be at the dz by noon on Friday to be considered for the record.
    Please bring a walkie talkie with head gear if you can. I have only a few available. I also recommend buying some clear safety glasses if you have to wear eye gear during day jumps to keep your eyes from watering.
    Canopy Formation Specialists is sponsoring the record by making the night suits and other technologies available. Thank you Chris Gay.
    I ordered some more Toadsucker headlight gear and they will be available for purchase. There are now 11 of us who have purchased custom led night suits. I am committed to organizing more night events this year. These technologies make it so much safer and I believe it may be easier to focus on the formation than day jumps. It certainly makes it easier to see.

    See you soon,

  2. Hello Everyone! (especially those in the snow drenched North….)
    We are now only a couple of weeks away from the Spring Fling! If you are still on the fence please let us know so we can have plenty of organizers, planes, pilots, and fun. We now have enough to build a 16 way the weekend prior!

    If you plan to be on the night record jump please contact Mike Lewis who is heading up that portion.
    See you all soon!


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