European CF Spring Camp 2023

The 1st European CF Spring Camp 2023 in EVORA and also the 2023 CUMULUS CONVENTION

We need to improve our skills and for that purpose we will have our first CF Spring Camp this year.

In the beginning, we thought of a drop zone in Italy for this camp, but unfortunately we could not find one that was able to satisfy our needs. Ampuria is not safe looking at the wind conditions, and so we decided to go to Portugal to Evora where they have two Caravans for 18 jumpers each and nice weather. The Qatari CF crew has already used this place for successful training.

CF-8way. Photo by Seele
CF-8way. Photo by Seele

The main intent for this camp is to start flying 8-way and 16-way formations most of the time to give everyone a lot of practice approaching and docking. Towards the end of the camp we might even go for 25-ways to practice for possible European Sequential Records in September in the Czech Republic.

That of course can only happen if we have enough current CF jumpers who have the skill level that we ask for. Last year the average skill level was rather disappointing (maybe to the end, I will certainly not consider organizing any kind of record activity if not enough people have show up at our camps and performed well enough. We will see how this first camp will have been attended to plan ahead.

To register for this camp, please transfer 100,- € to the following account until 15th of March:

Peter A. Pfalzgraf
IBAN: DE71 1203 0000 1080 0774 62
Rheingaustr. 24
D-12161 Berlin

There is an information letter about the DZ Evora and lodging on this website for your convenience and a link for reserving accommodation.

Take care, stay healthy and safe and have a successful jump year 2023!

The List, current on 15.03.2023

Confirmed by bank transfer:
  • PETi (D, Organiser/Instructor)
  • Brian Pangburn (US, Instructor)
  • Yuliya Pangburn (US, Instructor/Video)
  • Ralf (D, Video)
  • Nina Krahl (D)
  • George Buijtendijk (NL)
  • Heikki Kammonen (FIN)
  • Indrek Pappel (EST)
  • Edgar Lisboa (GB)
  • Katariina Kalsi Salla (FIN)
  • Marion Jankowsky (D)
  • Andreas Jankowsky (D, Janky)
  • Markus Rytomaa (FIN)
  • Herman Slot (NL, Video/Instructor)
  • Mike Lewis (US, Instructor, part time)
  • Terhi Lethonen (FIN)
  • Pasi Pirttikoski (FIN)
  • Peter Lendle
  • Martin McAir (DK)
  • Christian v. Bruhn Gulfer (DK)
  • Lennart Sörensen (DK)
  • Cornelius Corneliuss (DK)
  • Jari Lethi (FIN)
  • Tine Offen (D)
  • Gabriel Andrei (RO)
  • Ciprian D. (RO)
  • Cristinel P. (RO)
  • Andrei Florian (RO)
  • Henk Lunshof (NL)
  • Hardl Storz (D)
  • John Bowles (UK)
  • Florian Hör (D)
  • Matti Pirttikoski (FIN)

1 thought on “European CF Spring Camp 2023”

  1. Michael Lewis

    Hey Peti,
    I will be there training the Qatar team and will be available to jump with you guys in the afternoons. See you soon my friend.
    Mike Lewis

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