CF Sequential Training Camp in Moorsele, Belgium

Sequential CF-Training

Sequential Camp, May 25-28 in Moorsele, Belgium

The OO-FFB... fast enough if it flew
The OO-FFB… fast enough if it flew
Moorseele, camping a long the DZ makes the stay for accompening family great
Belgic logic
Belgic logic

In Moorsele, Belgium, from 25 till 29 May, thanks to the effort of Marc Calluy, the crEUw dogs could enjoy an intensive training lead by Benoit Rotty, who is multiple French/World-champion, assisted by Laurent-Stephane Monfort for video coaching.

Thursday was a slow start initially due to manifesting. Although we started around 13:00 hrs most teams made about 4 jumps. The training by Benoit was very basic, which was just the level that the teams needed as all of them are lower level CF-jumpers who have just started to jump together.

Benoit and Laurent coaching a UK team
Benoit and Laurent coaching a UK team













The teams were

  • Mary and Tash, with Pete on camera (UK)
  • Jason and Emily, with Max on camera (UK)
  • Kell and Wes (UK)
  • Henk and Lennert (NL)
  • Individuals joining the training were Frans, who was jumping video as well and Brord, Ben and of course Marc.
Marc teaching Lennert the real stuff
Marc teaching Lennert the real stuff. Photo by

After the busy Thursday, with many other skydivers due to the holiday, the Friday looked promising for the crEUw dogs to get some more jumping going. But an airtraffic hold in the morning slowed us down. Even with the hold up, some of us made 5 jumps that day. Some chose to jump from 13.000ft, others took the 8.000ft exit. It was up to the individual teams whether they wanted to have more practice time on one jump (13.000 ft), which also cost the jumpers a lot of energy, or to make shorter jumps from a lower altitude, putting the pressure on the jumper to do their exercise in a shorter time frame, but with less physical input. The exercises given by Benoit were simple at first, building the technical challenge up jump by jump. A short handout of this program will be given later this month. On Saturday, the airplane was out of order for some hours, due to a machinical problem. This gave Benoit time to instruct the whole group by viewing the French training jumps on video. A lot of small details were discussed, making up for the loss of not using the beautiful blue sky for actual training jumps.

Marc, if organising means packing as well, he does
Marc, if organizing means packing as well, he does

Later that Saturday, while most of the other sport-skydivers left due to lack of lift capacity, the last diehard freefallers and tandems filled up the airplane along with the crEUw dogs, hunting for more practice till sunset, putting the record straight, concerning jump numbers per day. The day was finished together with a good plate of spare ribs or spaghetti.

Sunday was the last day to get more insight from Benoit. Some had to leave early, the UK teams used the entire Sunday, traveling home on Monday. As a side kick we also introduced one local skydiver into CF, Welcome Olivier, I hope the discipline will get you ‘hooked’.

Concluding, despite the variety of issues which slowed us down, or maybe thanks to the pace, we had a very good event in which we learned a lot about CF2 and made new friends to meet and compete with in the near future. Many thanks to Para Club Vlaanderen, Benoit, Laurent and Marc for making this possible.
Technik Manual CF 2way

With good company most dishes are delicious, and so it was
With good company most dishes are delicious, and so it was

Text: Mary Barratt & Henk Lunshof

crEUw dogs signing off
crEUw dogs signing off, thanking Benoit, Laurent and Marc for an excellent CF-sequantial camp

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