Season finish in Belgium

Come to Zwartberg & finish the season with crEUw

CF 2way plane, Photo by Kuba Konwent
CF 2way plane, Photo by Kuba Konwent

The 6 way speed competition will not take place as there were too few teams registered for it. For this the CF-season ends with Lightnings.

However, CReW is still on at Zwartberg during the weekend of 6 & 7 October 2018 so let’s close the summer season with fun and good jumps. We already have 11 crEUw members coming from several countries and with different skill & experience levels. There will also be one skydiver introduced to the magic of good CReW.

Friday morning 10:00  there will be a ‘Go or No-go’ call.

  • You can register by sending an email to
  • Camping and hotel arrangements are possible.
  • BBQ Saturday night!
  • There are no more slots for CF instruction… Sorry, Come back next Spring.

The List

  1. Brord, event-organiser
  2. Marc Calluy, doing CFi
  3. George
  4. Gerben
  5. Hermen
  6. Henk
  7. Ben
  8. PETi
  9. Holger
  10. Tom
  11. Tobi
  12. Frans
  13. Wilco
  14. Koen
  15. Wim
  16. Wouter Haas (pup)
  17. Jean Fonck (pup)
  18. Evi Mellebeek (pup)
  19. ………

Who’s the next to join us?
Forget about family and other social issues, you’ve got a whole winter for that!

Come to Zwartberg & do CReW!

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