Russian Row 5 is coming in

Russian Record Weekend 2017

25 way approved & Record plan shifted to 2018

climb up in a Antonov

On 15-17 September members of the Russian Big Canopy Formation Club gathered at DZ Aerograd Kolomna to build a Record 30-way Formation. The weather had different plans and in reality gave only 1.5 days for jumping. Unexpected half a day “closed sky” added the challenge.

Hard opening in Russia.
Hard opening in Russia 😉

The result is that we have to move our Record plans to the next year. But we have got one more piece of experience, new for us communication with CF FAI judges which was very useful for improving our “delivery” quality and … got fun! And we finalized the camp in the discussion of the plans for 2018!

Text Natalia Lapshina
Фотографии CF России (a russian CF wordPress Site)
Dropezone website Aerograd Kolomna

Beautiful sunset in Aerograd Kolomna
Beautiful sunset in Aerograd Kolomna

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