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The European CF-Challenge 2016

The resume 2016 of European CF activities is a success. We made a 25-way formation in Teuge that will hopefully be recognised as a new European Record and only the conditions on Sunday prevented us from completing a 30-way. The application has already been received by the FAI. – The current official European Record by the way is a 20-way formation.

European Record Canopy Formation CF25
Photo by Ming Chu, Layout: Jam fineartprint

Thanks to Henk again for putting so much effort into organizing this.

As we could see we will be able to go bigger but also there is still a lot to learn. When we did the demo jumps in China with people of the World Team or the 25-way demo jumps at the mondial 2012 we only had to make a short briefing, went up and flew a quick building and solid flying formation. With our European group we are still far away from that so we will have to work on improving our skills. I know that some of us have been disappointed because they were not on certain jumps. That is human but it is also not necessary. Some of you could not be on certain jumps because of the size of their canopy or their wingloading. Others did not show the skills that we need to go for the big one. If you have been flying well in one jump you will remember that but what we need is people who perform as required on every jump.

Therefor we are planning camps for 2017 where everybody who wants to push the project forward can learn and improve their skills. We have been discussing the matter with the country team captains after jumping in Teuge has been over and for now we have the following information for 2017:

There will not be a record attempt in 2017 but camps with up to 16-way formations an also for 2-way and 4-way CF to give everybody the chance to learn more. Most of the dates are not yet know but at least there are some events with fixed dates already.

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