Record confirmation 2016

The FAI has ratified our European record!

logo_fai_2016We are proud to announce that the FAI has ratified our European record!
The compilation of the formation was determined by many aspects. Other jumpers could have flown on this jump, but the interchangeability of the wingloads and different sized parachutes forced us to a compromise.
Unfortunately, for reasons of weather, it was no longer possible to have all members of the project fly in a large formation. Either in the same size or even bigger than 25. We will continue to work to ensure that further participants can be represented in a European record.

FAI Record File Num #18026
Status: ratified – current record
Region: European
Class: G (Parachuting)
Sub-Class: G-2 (Performance Records)
Category: General
Group: Largest Formation Records – Canopy Formation
Type of record:     –
Performance: 25 parachutists
Date: 2016-10-08
Course/Location: Teuge (Netherlands)

ECF 25way Photo by Ming Chu (GB)
European Record CF 25way, flown on Oct 8th 2016 in Teuge, Netherlands with a group of European skydivers. Photo by Ming Chu (GB)

The Crew on this jump:


Gerben Frankvoort
Henk Lunshof
Eward Slot
Henny Wiggers
Wilco Peppelman
Richard Meijer
Frans van Wijngaarden


Thomas Brand
Peter Pfalzgraf
Thomas Rohde-Seelbinder
Marion Jankowsky
Andreas Jankowsky
Holger Gnoth


Marcin Bak
Michal Balonis
Pawel Michalski
Szymon Chelmicki
Maciej (Gajos) Gago


The last lock-up is in approach. Perspective of Szymon Chelmicki from Poland.
The last lock-up is approaching. Perspective of Szymon Chelmicki from Poland.

Pasi Pirttikoski
Matti Pirttikoski
Heikki Kammonen (EU-Record Video)


Ciprian Drobota
Sorin Enghel

United Kingdom

Photo von Wilco Peppelman
At the end of the 2016 European CF-season. Handmade flag and photo by Wilco Peppelman in Teuge, NL

Martin A Robiette
Ming Chu (EU-Record Video & Photo)


Sebastian Cato

Czech Rep.

Martin Kucera

11 thoughts on “Record confirmation 2016”

  1. Thanks to Mary and to our US brothers. Especially Dave for his fancy acronym for us. We will suggest “crEUw dogs” in any case for one of our next shirts.

  2. Brian Pangburn (US googlegroup)

    Dave you have done it again. I think we have a new acronym for our EU brothers!
    Chico, I see a new t-shirt….
    Blue Skies crEUw dogs!

  3. Kevin Keenan (US googlegroup)

    Congratulations to the European CRW fliers on this new record. I’m sure many drinks have already been poured, but now we can toast the FAI recognition.
    Kevin K.

  4. Fantastic news!! congratulations to all.
    I am excited to see what else we can achieve over the next two years

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