ECF May Event Gransee 2018

Preview Berlin-Gransee May 2018

CrEUw dogs Training Camp Pentecost-Weekend

Flugplatz Gransee
Dropezone Gransee

May 19. – 21. (Sa. – Mo.!!) Monday is a Pentecost holiday in Germany
Arrival-day shoud be Friday May 18
Flugplatz Gransee, Ziegelscheune, 16775 Gransee

The camp im May is meant to prepare for the record jumps in September. The focus will be on improving the speed and accuracy of our group. I am planning to make mainly formations of 6, 8 and 14 jupmers with rumbacks to give everybody as much practice as possible. If it will be possible we might go for some 25-ways on Sunday. I am also planning to have one or two rounds of a 6-way Speed Fun Competition to test a new competition format for future World Games as the FAI has been asking for new suggestions. This could motivate our group to go as fast and clean as we need it for the upcomming record jumps in mid September.

CF FastFoward in Gransee
Home of the German CF-8way Team FastFoward, April 2004 in Gransee / Air-Photo Seele

Organisation: PETi

General Briefing: Herman Slot (NL)
Head Pilot: Gerben Frankvoort (NL)

Aircrafts: 2 Cessna Caravans (14 Jumper & Video)
The registrationform is online
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  1. Straight from the source: Brian Pangburn confirmed (during the Spring Fling) that he’ll be there as well. His debriefs after jumps are among the best and most detailled that I have personally experienced, so the learning opportunities during this camp will be amped up to 11!

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