Selection in Poland

Polish run for sportteam-selection

Our Polish team members have passed the first round of selection for becoming the ‘best Sky Sportteam’ of Poland. This competition is aimed at helping to promote Air Sports. Prizes for the people voting are:

  1. three yearly subscriptions on; Przegląd Lotniczy
  2. a double invitation to the gala final, on 18 February in Airport Hotel Okęcie
  3. tickets to the cinema

The winning team will get a statuette of “Blue Cumulus.”

The second round is open now for voting. We wish our brothers a good election round and hope they win the Blue Cumulus! On 18 February they will know.


Cumulusy 2016 on facebook


Minute 1:03!! from 2:11 CF Team Poland: Marcin, Michal & Rudolf:

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