crEUw agenda 2018

17 – 25 March     Spring Fling, Lake Wales Florida. Organisation:Brian Pangburn
7 –   8 April       CF Scrambles competition at Skydive Langar Nottingham. An informal
CF 2-way competition for anyone with CF1 and CF kit at 1.34 WL.
Organisation: Mary Barrat
7 –  8 April        CF coaching Teuge, NL
21 – 22 April      Local big-way camp Teuge
10 – 13 May        CF sequential training, Zwartberg. Organisation: Marc Calluy
with Benoit Rotty and Laurent Monfort (Hemelvaart)

18- 20 May        Local Camp in Norway, organisation: Roger Vin (Pinksteren)
24 – 27 May       CF sequential trainingcamp with Benoit Rotty and Laurent Monfort
in the UK. Organisation: Mary Barrat.
8 – 10 June      Piotrkow Trybunalski , Polen, Big –way event,
Very good and friendly dropzone with Skyvan, new dropzone,
swimming pool, places to sleep. Organisation: Szymon & Marcin
14 – 22 July      Parasummerboogie

3 – 13 October World Championships, Australie

For updates, keep an eye on our google calendar (ECF events) or just integrate it into yours.
Would you like us to visit your drop-zone? Please send an email to Henk & Seele

For a better overview, the dates will be highlighted in the future. This is designed to help highlight the importance and priority:

ECF Top Event
ECF 4way / 8way or bigger

CF Boogie 16way or bigger
Regional Events
CF Beginners Camp

If you have more ideas, then please write a comment. Thank you in advance.

6 thoughts on “crEUw agenda 2018”

  1. Andreas Jankowsky

    The value of 2way dives to train skills for big formations is at least questionable.
    However, 2way trainings don’t need to be communicated in this forum – this is something two people can decide on a weekend/weather situation.
    Do 4ways locally as often as possible and organize -here- 8way trainings locally or close to the border, so more jumpers get a chance to fly into a formation more often. (Your way to your waiting position, approaching in parallel with another jumper, using as little airspace as possible – all that can’t be trained in a 2way)
    Lets have a demo 8way speed event at some nationals in Europe! bring the 8way back!

  2. Plans for an attempt to set a Women’s European CF record are starting to develop.
    We probably all need a few months to warm up and to spread the word and get some more female jumpers involved.
    So, I propose that all CF women who are interested in being part of this aim to meet at the Parasummer Boogie (Estonia) in July. The Boogie will be good opportunity for us to get a few jumps together in preparation for making a record attempt at one of the crEUw events later this year or early next year.
    If you would like to be involved but can’t make it to the Parasummer Boogie please contact Mary Barratt –
    More details to follow

    1. Biggest Women CF Formation in Germany (official National Record)
      G-2-d Kappenformationsspringen / Grösste Formation Damen
      Christine Allendöfer, Claudia Buß, Beate Feldt, Petra Gatti, Conny Janicke, Suse Krause, Tine Offen, Claudia Turkiewiez, Renate Wieler
      Gransee, 19.09.1998, CF 9way Diamant

      Do this again. For a European valuation!

  3. I would suggest and highly recommend to do 4way jumps as many as possible.
    Except for wing docks on a big formation every other dock is simply the closing of a 4way diamond … and this is what we need most: finding the correct starting position and then doing the final and straight approach. Once you are able to apply these two manoeuvres on a 4way you can easily perform it on each bigger formation.

    CU, Tom

  4. At the end of the record event in Teuge in October we discussed plans for 2017 to develop the skill level of the community in Europe for bigger records in 2018 and aimed for five to six events to promote that.
    I have been thinking about a program to archive that goal and came to this conclusion: The camps in 2017 should be focused on 2-way work dives to practice techniques as much and efficient as possible and some 8-way Speed events to develop the skills of getting to a bigger formation on a direct and quick path and docking quick and clean on a formation without hesitation and detours. Also competitive 8-way can be fun and motivate people to learn what we need for the bigger ones. As a reward for good performance we can also do some 16-ways in the end.
    Looking at our website I can see almost 20 events being promoted. I believe that it is no good to have such an enormous number of events. Considering that most of our friends can spend one or two weeks a year for CF-camps it means that we would have an average of two to three jumpers per event. I believe that it is very hard to get trainers for such events and that it is also very hard to do 8-way Speed with 3 people not even talking about the most desired 16-ways. I had been talking to Patrice Girardin as I had promised to coach us in a CF camp in Saarlouis in June and he seemed interested. Looking at the oversupply of events I will not continue this project because it is not worth the afford.

    Nevertheless we should come to a list of recommended events to make sure we have an appropriate number of participants to achieve our goals this year. As I know many are going to come to the Parasummer Boogie. I might also go to the polish camp.
    As a competition I would rather recommend the German Nationals than the Worlscup/European Championships in Saarlouis because I is more fun to compete at the same level than to compare with the top teams of the world.

    Open for response,
    their PETi

    1. It is true that we have to be careful that we do not distribute too much on too many dates! We will therefore have to mark the local dates of the European common bold. As a first option. A CF 2way training always makes sense. However, it must not be trained as a CF2way competition discipline. Rather like a 3way, with adhering to a heading. As if more jumpers would follow. I personally would be happy about some dates that we could train in an 8way!

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