Peter A. Pfalzgraf

Vita from PETi

Packing his Lightning 160
Packing his Lightning 160

Task in the project: Section Briefing, CF Coach, Press Reviewer
Place of birth: Mölln, Germany
Born: 1953
Languages: German, English, Plattdütsch, Latein
First parachute jump: September 1978 – Bad Gandersheim (GER)
Total number of jumps: 6.333
Biggest CF-Formation: 100way (WR), Lake Wales, Florida in 2007
Favorite jumping dropzone: Neustadt-Glewe (GER)
Favorite CF-Disciplines: CF 2way, CF 8way speed, Big Formations
Experience with other parachuting disciplines: Freefall Formation (FS), biggest FS 231way, Accuracy Landing, Frefall Style, Paraski & Tandem-Pilot (Years ago)
Favorite parachute types: Lightning 160, 143, 126 and Storm 107
Other hobbies: FAI Board member and treasurer, travelling in my mobile Home and sight seeing, Basket Ball
Occupation: engineering

Driving around the world and picking up some dropzones. His secount home: THE PETi-BUS on the way with the ferry to Skåne, Sweden Cumulus Convention 2013
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