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New Format CF 6way-speed

The FAI asked for new competition formats

The FAI has some time ago addressed all Air Sports Commissions and asked for new competition formats that fulfil the requirements of World Games and similar FAI First Category Events.

Most important is instant scoring and good visibility to the spectators. All freefall disciplines fail to meet this standard. They cannot be watched from the ground and instant scoring is not easy.

CF 6way Speed
CF 6way Speed. Designed by ECF

The only parachuting discipline that has been included in recent World Games has been Canopy Piloting. Accuracy Landing would also be suitable and especially CF to me seems also eligible. Therefore I have had some brain storming with CF people from around the world and brought my first ideas to the competitors meeting after the CF World cup and European Championships in Saarlouis where some members of the IPC CF Committee discussed them with the competitors.

Using that input and the ideas from the early Cumulus Conventions I made a rule set for a CF6 Special Event that we want to test at our CF camp in Gransee this May. If we can develop this new competition format and the crEUw-dogs like it I will take it back to the IPC CF Committee and present it to the next IPC Plenary for approval. After that it can bee presented to the FAI. If they also like it we have a good chance to get CF included in the World Games. These Games are the highest competition level for non Olympic sports and are recognised as an FAI First Category Event like FAI World Championships.

If you have questions or input send an e-mail

Looking forward to receiving feed back,

Last Rules-Version CF_2018_CR 6way special-04a
First compatition is planing in Belgium

7 thoughts on “New Format CF 6way-speed”

  1. …and there is a new one that has been flown last week, the „Eward“:
    A stacked diamond (Top, two Wings in Stack plus lock-up in Center)
    – a bit tricky, but nice 😊
    For fun or as a serious suggestion. Here demonstrated by Brian Pungburn (USA) with the Romanians, George (NL) & Ben (BEL):

  2. I would like to suggest to change the target marks to circles (the draft suggests rectancles around the center). So the competition would be independent from the heading without the need to react on wind changes – just like a dart bulls eye.
    This is how we start in Gransee:

    1. PETi = Peter A. Pfalzgraf

      The landing field was chosen intentionally. It is meant as an additional challenge to deal with cross wind situations as it is in CP. Ther PETi

  3. Brent Cameron

    These are the same formations from the Speed eight event, less two participants, it would be nice to see different formations rather than just a scaled down formation from the old classic speed eight event! The stack formation must stay as it’s the foundation of CRW ! But it would be nice to see at lest two other different formations take the stage … just my own opinion from an old time CRW speed eight world record holder from 1986

    1. These are the standard basic formations. This draw is intentionally and purposely based on the old 8way speed formations. They are the basic or standard of the CF and can be flown together from a small altitude. It should not be a beauty contest.

  4. This is awesome! I got into CRW after 8 way speed was no longer a competition event, but I have heard many stories from the glory days of when it was. I sure hope this event gets added to worlds and also comes to the US nationals.

  5. I just had a chat exchange with Johnny Utah. We were wondering what the formation should be called, which looks like an incomplete wedge. Johnny has made a brilliant suggestion: Pyramid

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