One of the two caravans at the Gransee gas station

Gransee is preparing for the May training

We just made our first jumps in Gransee this year

Dear CF Jumpers of Europe!

In the hanger of the dropezone

This year we are going to try the next stage, a 36-way Diamond. The past years have shown that we have a lot of talented and experianced Crewdogs around but also it became obvious that we need go faster if we want to get bigger. Being fast does not mean to rush into the formation but to be always at the right place at the right time and to go to our slot directly without hasitation when the formation is ready for our dock and also not abort a good approach only because we don‘t feel confident to make a propper dock.

For this reason we will have our Camp in Gransee to train these things flying formations form 6 to 14-way with runbacks to exercise getting close to the formation on the shortest way adjusting the level and distance to the formation all the time. Also we need to practice using little space in our waiting position in the echelon to not drive away the next in line and let him also be as close to the formation as possible. The next thing is good timing: We cannot wait until the jumper infront of us has docked before we start our final apprach to the formation from our waiting position. If I am a lock up for a free wing I have to fly towards my docking position as soon as he has started because I have a longer way to go. If there is a problem I must be able to wait close to the formation until the dock ahead has been completed. Flying away and comming back is not an option because it takes a lot of time and might shy away the next jumper following and so on. As you can see we have a lot of work to do. To see what we have learned we will have a short 6-way speed contest towards the end of the camp with an additional task to fulfill on landing.

CF FastFoward in Gransee
Home of the German CF-8way Team FastFoward, April 2004 in Gransee / Photo Seele

About the camp in May: There will be an entry fee of 50,- € to cover video slots. The jumps will be from 4.500 m with a ticket price of 23,- €. Camping with tents and mobile homes is possible at the drop zone. A little fee has to be payed to the club. Hotelrooms are availlable but rare. The DZ operator will provide a list that will be published as soon as it is available. Getting to Gransee is not problem if you are using a NAVI system. If you fly in to Berlin Schönefled airport (SXF) there is a train going from there to Gransee directly. If you should fly to Berlin Tegel you need to go to the Hauptbahnhof (main station) using public transportation and can take the same train to Gransee. We will pick you up from the Gransee train station if you call me under +49 171 657 04 90.

The floor for our packing tent is already prepared

At the DZ there is a little restaurant where you can have your meals at moderate prices if you do not bring your own supplies. We are planning to have a dinner with the whole group Saturday evening.

To keep organising efficient we want you to fill out the waiver and mail it to us before you get to Gransee! There will be a German version of the waiver on our web site that you will have to fill out and mail to us and an english version to explain if you don‘t understand German. There will be an exemption for us that we do not need an AAD to jump at Gransee as it is required for freefall jumpers.

If you have questions send an e-mail to Peter A. Pfalzgraf.

Looking forward to seeing you there.
ther PETi

Please help us with organizing and tell us asap if you will join. >> Registration-Form <<

  • 2 small Caravans (15 jumper each)
  • 50,- € Orga (Videobriefing)
    Please transfer the 50, – € Orga charge (use is described on the website) to the bank account of PETi:
    Peter A. Pfalzgraf
    IBAN : DE77 2009 0500 0007 2669 60
  • Jump-Ticket 23,-€
  • Briefing Aerea is a separat CF-Tent, size: 8m x 16m
  • please fill out the waiver and send it to us before you get to Gransee:
    waiver (english translation for your info only!)
    waiver german

General Briefing: Herman Slot (NL)
Head Pilot: Gerben Frankvoort (NL)


Special guest: Brian Pangburn has also signed up for Gransee in May

Registered participants
Registered participants

The List update May 8

  1. PETi L.160
  2. Janky L. 160
  3. Seele L. 143/160 (Photo & Video)
  4. RALFi L.143 (Video)
  5. Tom L.160
  6. Gerben L.160
  7. Herman Slot L. 143
  8. Eward Slot L. 143
  9. Holger Gnoth L. 160
  10. Ben L. 193
  11. Frans van Wijngaarden L. 160
  12. Indrek Pappel L. 126
  13. George Buijtendijk L. 176
  14. Roland Bijl L. 193
  15. Marion L. 143
  16. Yuliya L. 126
  17. Brian P. L. 160
  18. Gabi L. 193
  19. Cristi L. 176
  20. Milu L. 193

6-way speed contest

May 19. – 21. (Sa. – Mo.!!) Monday is a Pentecost holiday in Germany
Arrival-day shoud be Friday May 18
Flugplatz Gransee, Ziegelscheune, 16775 Gransee
>> last post from this training camp

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  1. Hé guys,
    So the weather will be great, that’s a good start!
    Have fun, I am looking forward to your news.

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