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Task in the project: Participant and supporter of CF in Great Britain. Regardless of the Brexit plans, we are working together in Europe to promote our discipline. Website English Editor and Press Reviewer.
Place of birth: England, UK
Born: 1966
Languages: English, a little French, a little Spanish and currently trying to learn Russian
First parachute jump: 1991, 1 in July 2004, then started training in February 2006
Total number of jumps: 910
Biggest CF-Formation: 21way in Skydive Sebastian, Florida 2016
Favorite jumping dropzone: Langar (UK) & Headcorn (UK) and Teuge (NL)

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Favorite CF-Disciplines: CF-bigways, 2-way sequential and I’m really keen to try CF4 Seq
Experience with other parachuting disciplines: BASE jumping
Favorite parachute types: Lightnings (especially my 126) and other 7-cell canopies
Other hobbies: climbing, traveling, wild camping, Tai Chi and Yoga




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