CF BigWay Formation, Photo Michael Tomaselli, Cutaway Photography

Lake Wales 2023

crEUw members are prepared for major challenges

By Henk Lunshof,

At the end of this week, 28 crEUw members from Belgium, Czechia, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and the UK will travel to the Jump Florida drop zone in Lake Wales for the upcoming large CF sequential record. Along with us, CF-jumpers from Australia to South-America will join in, together with the Nordic Americans.
The program is not only to establish the next CF sequential world record, but is part of a path to surpass the 1-point 100-Way record from 2007. This event is organized by Chris Gay, Brian Pangburn and supported by the RAW DOGS.

CF BigWay Formation 65way, Photo Michael Tomaselli, Cutaway Photography
CF BigWay Formation 65way, Photo Michael Tomaselli, Cutaway Photography

Chris set the path or journey to break the 100 way when the large sequential record was created. It started with the 2 point 37-way in March 2019 at Sebastian, followed by the 4 point 43-way in Perris (October 2019) and the 2 point 56-way last year in Lake Wales. The plan did a lot more than just setting those new records. It got more people interested, both new and semi retired crw dogs. It also caused the World CF team to focus on better set up and docking techniques and it allowed us to test and study big way designs again. All this has brought better teaching/learning techniques and better engineering of large formations.

New to the event in 2022 was that, in addition to the Big-way group, candidates progressing into larger formations were invited to train in 16-way groups. The credits for that goes to the RAW DOGS!
So, after 2 attempts last year of narrowly scoring a third point in the 56-way, the proper decision was made to switch to the 65-ways and allowing the new candidates to gain big-way experience. Many of the participants from 2022 made a PR in those 65-ways.

CF 49way, the biggest Formation in Lake Wales since the 100way 11years ago. Photo by Seele
CF 49way Formation in Lake Wales. Photo by Seele

And that’s pretty much how it will happen this year as well. This year we are going to attempt a 65-way sequential record and then give a go for the 81-ways. In making all of this able to happen, the weather is a determining factor. So a full week has been set aside to ensure a greater chance of those few good moments for the planned jumps. This year the event is from November 11 to 19 and the crEUw team is ready for new World Records!

When Chris first started designing and organizing sequential records with the long term intentions to break the 100 way, he knew we would be ready for the next step, when a 2 point 64-way can be flown. So the emerging event will therefore be very decisive as to whether or not we choose to break the 100-way next year.

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