Gerben Frankvoort

Vita from Gerben Frankvoort

Gerben (second from left) with the Dutch unit in China with the CF-World Team 2011

Task in the project: Head Pilot, Chief Briefing, CF Coach, Press Reviewer
Place of birth: Groningen, Netherlands
Born: 1968
Languages: Dutch (NL) German, English
First parachute jump: June, 1994 Dropzone Leleystad (NL)
Total number of jumps: 2400
Biggest CF-Formation: 100way (WR), Lake Wales, Florida in 2007
Favorite jumping dropzone: Teuge (NL)
Favorite CF-Disciplines: 2way, Big Formations, 4way-Seq
Experience with other parachuting disciplines: 1x round, 1x PA
Favorite parachute types: All Lightnings and my Storm 97
Other hobbies: Driving Motorbike, Mountainbiking without mountains in Holland 😉
Occupation: project coordinator


Gerben, packing his Lightning in Finsterwalde, Germany
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