Photographers of the various galleries

Euro CF 2015: Ming ChuLaurent Dreyfus and Heikki Kammonen
Euro CF 2016: Ming ChuLaurent Dreyfus and Heikki Kammonen
Spring Fling, Florida 2017: Michael Tomaselli alias Chico © cutaway production
Teuge Kilo-Team 2017: Laurent Dreyfus and Thomas R.-Seelbinder

Without these beautiful shots it would be very difficult to communicate our sport.  The photos and videos shown on this website remain in the copy protection or copyright of the creator. Generally, this is one of our videographers. If anyone is interested in using these photos or videos, we would be happy to put them in touch with the right person.
More detailed information can be accessed directly when the info is displayed. While the gallery is called, click the i for Info.

CF experience report 2017

Video Graphic 2017

Video Graphic 2015-16


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