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Flight route planning via Teuge

The latest email to Teuge-DZ Members

Mail from Sept, 14

On the basis of all media reports on Lelystad’s proposed alternative flight route, and the consequence of this for Teuge and Paracenter, we have had a crisis consultation today.

Flugzeug Teuge
Dropzone Teuge

This consultation was attended by the Executive Board of the airport, the Paracentrum (Board & MT), the municipality of Apeldoorn, the KNVvL, VNO / NCW, AOPA and NACA.

It is clear that this possible alternative scenario for our Paracenter is not desirable and will have far-reaching consequences. On Wednesday, September 20th. is there a chamber debate Until then, we will continue to take the necessary actions, write letters and search the media. The 20th evening we meet again as a Board to discuss the situation. Then we will inform you again.

Text from
Edwin Boerkamp, chairman VPCT



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