CF 9way Diamond • Photo by Tomasz Bursa

First ECF meeting

1st European CF Meeting after Corona Lockdowns

About 18 month after the first Corona lockdown, the European CF scene was able to meet again. Organized by Simon Chelmicki we met at the Airport of Kruszyn near Wloclawek. From September 13th through 17th, we were jumping and flying different formations to regain routine and extend our skills. The weather was partly cooperating so that we could make 10 jumps each on average.

CF 9way Diamond
CF 9way Diamond over Kruszyn near Wloclawek, Poland • Photo by Tomasz Bursa

Seemingly, the interest in this event was not as great as we would have liked. We had some 20 participants only instead of about 50.

Three new members could be added to our community: Robert, Ivan and Adriana. Ivan who had only started with CF this summer in Gransee and got introduced to the sport by Janky and Marion made enormous progress and could close a 9-Way Diamond on the 18th CF jump in his short careerer.

I am very happy that some progress could be noticed. Justyna for instance has learned to use her self-confidence and can use the skills better that she already had for a while.

Having reviewed the videos, I could see that many of us have the same problem that Justyna used to have. They fly to a good setup point and when they should complete their dock they abort and fly away to start another approach because they are afraid they might fail on that first attempt.

If you have managed to get to a good set up point for a final approach, flying away is not an option. If your mind is focussed on what might happen if you fail, then you cannot concentrate on doing it right. All of you are able to fly to and dock on a formation. If you do not dock on the first approach, it will get only worse, and you waste precious time for yourself and others. Everybody who wants to be a part of the next record should focus on his self-confidence and concentrate on doing it right instead of mistrusting his own skills. 

Nevertheless, everybody should also be fit enough to make five jumps a day without getting exhausted. So use the winter time to keep or get fit and work on your self-confidence!

Another hint for everyone: Any dock in a big diamond is a stair step dock! When it is your turn, you start from your waiting position and fly your canopy sideways and on level to the centre person you intend to dock on. Your canopy should be between the shoulder and the hip of that person. Then you stop your canopy 30 cm to the side of that person so the he/she can reach out and take the grip. Never come from behind or from below. If you follow this procedure, you will always have nice docks and healthy formations.

On the landing of our last jump on Friday, Ben hurt himself and was taken to the hospital. Fortunately, his injuries were not as bad as it seemed in the first place. He will have to wear a surgical corset for a while and could travel homewards the next day. I hope he will recover soon and be back on the scene in spring.

CF 12way Box
Sunset 12way Box in Poland • Photo by Tomasz Bursa

Another great news for all of us: It seems that the US will allow Europeans to enter the United States from November 2021 on if they are vaccinated and bring a valid test not older than 72 hours. That means that we will be able to start our activities next year at the Spring Fling at Skydive Sebastian in Florida March 19th through 28th to prepare for a European 36-way record at the end of the 2022 season at Piotrków Trybunalski. I strongly suggest that who ever can arrange it will come to that event. If you need an official invitation, please let me know so that I can take care of it. And remember: To be part of a continental record, you need a valid FAI Sporting Licence!

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  1. This first meeting after the Corona break was long planned as a large one with 50 jumpers. But that was then revised because the capacities for aircraft were no longer available.

    After Szymon’s cancellation of a 50way event, a smaller meeting was invited. For everyone interested.
    With that in my mind, there was obviously an adequate number of participants.
    Well done friends

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