CF-8way. Photo by Seele

First camp in 2024

Brian and Yuliya would like to attend a camp in Europe next May. I started to organise a CF-Camp 16.-21.05.2024 (holidays in that region) to fly 8-way or 9-way formations with rebuilds in groups and an option to fly 16-ways towards the end of that camp.

Yuliya is offering 2-way sequential coaching in addition for those interested. Please send a mail if you want to take advantage of that.

It is not intended to train puppies and change groups if not necessary. That way, I expect to get the best training effect for everyone. Of course, we will have precise briefings and debriefings and try to help everybody to improve.

That means we need predetermined groups of 8 or 9 with one video person to start with. The preferred location at this time is Skydive Hildesheim near Hannover. Hildesheim on maps.

To see if it makes sense to work on this project I need to see who is interested, I need a positive e-mail response from everyone who wants to participate until the 30th November. If we have at least 18 people, including 2 video persons, I will continue organizing.

The list below shows who want to participate. If we have enough people interested, I will determine an entry fee and start collecting. The camp will take place if I receive the entry fee from at least 18 jumpers by the end of February.

If you want to join, please send a message to me until the 30th November. Please don’t wait till the last minute!

Ther PETi

The List (current status 10/26-23)

  1. Brian Pangborn (US) Instructor
  2. Yuliya Pangburn (US) Instructor/Video
  3. Herman Slot (NL) Performer or Video
  4. Thomas R.-Seelbinder (GER) Performer or Video
  5. Peter A. Pfalzgraf (GER)
  6. Marion Jankowsky (GER)
  7. Andreas Jankowsky (GER)
  8. Ivan Avguston (GER)
  9. Christine Offen (GER) perhaps
  10. Alexander Redel (GER)
  11. Lennert van den Berg (NL)
  12. Wilco Pepelman (NL)
  13. Adriana Sprotova (CZ)
  14. Pasi Pirttikoski (FIN)
  15. Matti Pirttikoski (FIN)
  16. Indrek Pappel (EST)
  17. Henk Lunshof (NL)
  18. George Buijtendijk (NL)
  19. Roger Vinje (N)
  20. Frans van Wijngaarden (NL)
  21. Holger Gnoth (GER)
  22. Shannon Smith (GB)?
  23. Eward Slot (NL)
  24. Ralf Stolzenberg (D) Video ?
  25. Peter Wohlers (D) Video ?
  26. Ben Simoens (B)
  27. Tom De Coeyer (NL)
  28. Mary-Lou Barratt (GB)

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