Locally in Portugal

The first CF Euro Camp in 2017

Skyline from Portimão
CF2way over the Skyline from Portimão

was held in Skydive Algarve, Portugal. The DZ has a nice Dornier G92, which is good for CF. Also there is no problem opening high. The DZ is really good for small formations, but not the best one for big ways (there are no good places to land out). This time we had a total of six CF jumpers from Finland, Estonia and UK. Pasi was organizing the jumps.

Mary, Pete, Pasi, Heikki, Indrek and Katrin in Portimão – Montes de Alvor


Jumpers did good basic training jumps where all of them had chance to make many docks. All jumpers were happy, even if the weather wasn’t the best for skydiving. They lost two whole days for weather problems, but in that part of Portugal there are lots of good places to visit.

All jumpers hope to be back in Skydive Algerve again. Maybe in later this year.

Text from Pasi Pirttikoski


Video Winter-Camp 2017 in Portugal from Katrin on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Locally in Portugal”

  1. Thanks for organising the event Pasi.
    Although there were only 6 of us and the weather wasn’t perfect, I think it was a very successful event, I was very pleased to make 11 jumps, learning loads on each one and landing with a huge smile each time. What a great start to the season

    1. Well, that sounds very good for the mood. Thanks also from me to Pasi for organizing the first event 2017!
      The bad weather in Portugal we also experienced three years ago. It was very windy in spring. Like maybe in the autumn? Does anyone have any experience with the weather in Portugal in autumn?

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