CF 6way Speed

First 6way speed competition

The CF 6-way speed competition is a go

We call it "The Eward"-Formation. For fun or as a serious suggestion. Here demonstrated by Brian Pungburn with the Romanians, George (NL) and Indrek from Estonia.
6way speed, Formation: Eward

6 & 7 Oct 2018

Attached is a registration form to be send to.
Registration starts at 09:00 am on saturday october 6th. Registrtaion fee is set at €50,- , this includes a BBQ on saturday evening.


Would you all be so kind to spread or share this around?
registration form

Telephone nr organizers:
+32-475935076 (Marc Calluy)
+31-631664209 (Brord van der Maat)

All parachute systems used in Belgium MUST be equipped with an AAD unit on the reserve parachute!

Marc & Brord

CF 6way Speed
CF 6way Speed. Designed by ECF

1 thought on “First 6way speed competition”

  1. It is a very good idea that I would have liked to give a chance.
    Today, two and a half weeks before the competition, unfortunately only two teams have announced interest. That’s just not enough to demonstrate a new discipline. Under these circumstances, I withdraw my personal readiness and hope for a new appointment with more encouragement in a country that at least can put itself a team! Belgium obviously could not. Why should I personally make my way to Belgium (700km !!). For a competition only between the Netherlands and Germany?
    I miss more countries that have potential for a CF six-way-team. Poland entered the EU record with the largest delegation. Why not in this competition?
    Great Britain and France would also have very good opportunities. France even the best performers in the world in our discipline. If the FAI fails to reach these athletes, then the few with goodwill will not support a child born dead. This is my opinion. We all have to want it. Otherwise it will not work!

    For 2018 I’m out of this “good” idea.
    Thomas Rohde-Seelbinder

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