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CF experience report 2017

The best at the end of the season.

The ECF FlagWe will enjoy jumping in Teuge for as long as it’s still possible. Politicians are about 70% through the decision-making process and in the end parachuting in Teuge will probably be sacrificed to the new flight routes. There are also speculations for an alternative, east of Teuge. So much for speculating on the future,  in 2017 we could still plan this weekend at Teuge and we can see that we will probably meet here for the last time in 2018.

Before the first load: Herman at the General briefing.
Before the first load: Herman Slot gave us a  perfect general briefing.

On Wednesday the ‘pre-pret’ started at Teuge with 7 crEUw-dogs. Onno Hoevers, our latest Dutch member to join the group, had the chance to refresh his CF-skills and to test his newly acquired L160. David Corbel, an old time British CF 4-way and 8-way competitor, got introduced to ‘big-way CRW’ as well. Too bad David had to sign off after the first jump. The two fun jumps on Wednesday sharpened us, ready for the CF Experience ’17. Let the good times come!

CF Pilot Szymon Slider
A key CF-pilot during this season: Szymon Chelmicki from Poland

The weather played a very unpredictable role in the run up to the event and during the event itself. The expected jumpable weather on the Thursday morning moved to perfect weather at the end of the day, making the waiting in the rainy morning worthwhile for the two jumps we did. Friday’s weather was even more surprising with only one weather hold, which happened directly after the first jump of the morning because the pilot had no ground vision on landing due to his glide angle. Of course, the crEUw dogs did have clear sight of the ground and a good kick start to the day.

Justyna S. celebrated many new experiences and positions in Teuge. Laurent took care of her and photographed everything.
Justyna S. celebrated many new experiences and new slots in Teuge. Laurent from NL took care of her and photographed everything.

We started in three groups. Szymon piloted the main group, supported by Gerben. In this group, the KILO team members tuned their formation to a fast and stable base. Meanwhile, Eward, Herman and Pasi took care of the rest of the participants in the two remaining groups. Many 9-way formations, and bigger, were flown, giving the puppies the opportunity get introduced to big-way and the rest a chance to work on their skills. Friday finished with two sixteen ways by the big group and a 2-point 9-way with Justyna and Tomáš performing in it. So, no more ‘pup’ label for those two! A great achievement for all participants to finish the first two days and of course, most of us enjoyed the “after bubbling.”

Laurent Stephan, the French national team coach, visited the event for the first time. With many nice videos and video clips from our event.
Laurent Stephan, visited the event for the first time, providing many nice videos and video clips for us.

Saturday was covered by rainclouds. As a bad weather program, Pasi treated us to an extensive photo show of the history of CF, starting in 1975 (additions to this collection are still welcome). Of course the real diehards kept their hopes up for a small change in the weather at the end of the day, but sadly this didn’t occur until after the BBQ started and the beer was flowing.

Szymon qualified as a CF pilot in 2017. He flies a safe base for the big formations.
Szymon qualified as a CF pilot in 2017. He flies a safe base for the big formations.

New cameramen Laurant Monfort and Seele joined Laurent Dreyfus, our homebased eye in the sky. Seele experimented with his leg-mounted camera in front of our big-ways, creating some amazing stuff. Great work Seele. A big welcome to Laurent Monfort on joining the crEUw-dogs. We enjoyed your company, knowledge and day-video’s. We hope to enjoy your talent at more of our crEUw events, and if possible with a bigger French delegation.

crEUw dogs banner 02
crEUw dogs over The Netherlands
Ready to Rock, Henk Lunshof
Henk is Ready to Rock CF big

After a full day of not skydiving on Saturday, the Sunday welcomed us with the first wrap & reserves jump experienced at a crEUw event since the start in September 2015. Good morning! In order to compensate the Friday also had some more pleasant milestones. Justina and Tomáš flew their first 16-way’s and Onno did his first dock on a 9-way. What a great job you three did! Although the aim of the event, flying multiple 25-way’s was sprinkled into the mill by the weather, we are very satisfied with the dives we made and with the new crEUw dogs, cat and cameramen.

Construction of a 16 formation. This is no longer a jiggle for us. Fast and safe!
Construction of a 16 formation. This is no longer a jiggle for us. Fast and safe!

The last jump of the event, still international with all the Dutch and Tom (Ger) and Ben (B), was flown with the crEUw-streamers and flag: a nice jump to finish the event with the blEU filling up the tEUge skies.
For now, thanks to the Wolk for their splendid catering, to tEUge staff for making sure we could make the most of the weather, to cameramen and the participators for making the event worth organizing and last but not least, to Herman, Eward, Gerben and Pasi for engineering and coaching us through the jumps.

blEU skies and CU in 2018!







CF experience report 2017
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The CF History Story-Teller Pasi Pirttikoski
The CF History Story-Teller, Pasi Pirttikoski, sits next to his presentation

Three Video-parts (day 1-4) edited by Laurent-Stephane Montfort on youTube. Merci beaucoup Laurent!

Henk Lunshof edit an introduction-video to 16-way

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