European CRW/CF Record Attempt 2022 (Poland)

In September 19-24th 2022 we are gathering in Poland (SkyForce DZ) in order to set new European Canopy Formation (CRW/CF) Record, 36-way diamond, that will beat our last 30-way record set in 2018 (SkyDive Teuge / Netherlands)!

Core Info

  1. WHAT: 36-way European Canopy Formation Record (planning).
  2. WHEN: 19-24 September 2022.
  3. WHERE: SkyForce, Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland (51.38360060192078, 19.68344455635322).
  4. REGISTER: questionnaire -> +
  5. ENTRY FEE: €100 (IBAN PL63 1050 1979 1000 0092 8712 5752).
  6. DEADLINES: Registration + Entry Fee until 17th August 2022.
  7. PAPERS: FAI Sporting License, SkyDive license, Insurance, Parachute documents.
  8. WHO: CRW/CF jumpers that meet all above criteria and are accepted by the organizers to attend the Record Camp.


The European CF Record camp this year will be for everybody who wants to improve their skills to participate in European Record Attempts, be it this year or in the upcoming years.

After training camp in July at Hungriger Wolf / YUU SkyDive we are (hopefully) ready for the challenge! We will also have a great opportunity to improve our skill and get the record training under the wings of special guests from USA Brian and Julia Pangburn. Julia will dedicate training sessions for the girls CF teams 🙂

As we want to achieve a 49-way diamond in future we need enough experienced CReW Dogs for the years to come and also those who have some experience need some routine to be current for the record jumps. We will start the camp with 4-way and 9-way formations and progress to 16-ways before we got on to the big ones. Percy Kristersson will be our FAI Judge from Sweden on site.

To be part of an international record, you need a valid FAI Sporting License of your home country. Everyone also needs a valid license, insurance and parachute documents. Also you should participate in one of our camps this year to prove your current skill set in order to participate in the Record Jump.

If you do not intend to participate in this year’s record attempts, you do not need an FAI Sporting License. All CReWdogs who want to improve their skills for future events are welcome to join this camp. There will be organizing and coaching for them.

You need to send filled registration form to and until 17th of August in order to attend.

The entry fee is €100
sent to:
Szymon Chelmicki
IBAN PL63 1050 1979 1000 0092 8712 5752

The fee has to be paid until August 17th 2022. Late entries may be accepted after registration deadline at a fee of €130 if there is room. This late entry fee applies to everyone!


If you want to be updated about future events, send a mail to: . I will include you in our mailing list. Also, if you know of CReWdogs who might be interested, send their addresses.

Camping is possible at the DZ. There are also 4-bed bunk rooms, food and a bar at the DZ. The jump rate is about 30,- € at this time. Changes can occur due to the current circumstances.

Simon & PETi (organizers)


OpenStreetMap / Google Maps

SkyForce is one of the biggest Drop Zones in Poland, providing two SkyVan airplanes, large hangar for skydivers jump operations and four stacked bed stacked container houses to sleep at night. There is even a swimming pool for hot days waiting for you after jumps 🙂

Documents and Files


Bulletin 2
Bulletin 2

Bulletin 2
Bulletin 1

Registered Participants by 2022-08-09

  1. Szymon “Simon” CHEŁMICKI (orga) (PL) FAI #53495
  2. Peter “PETi” PFALZGRAF (orga) (GER) FAI #101705
  3. Yuliya Pangburn (USA)
  4. Brian Pangburm (USA)
  5. Tomasz “CeDeROM” CEDRO (post editor) (PL) FAI #127464
  6. Andreas Jankowsky (Janky) (GER) FAI #101833
  7. Benedikt Simoens (B) FAI #127498
  8. Marion Jankowsky (Emm) (GER) FAI #101832
  9. Thomas Rohde-Seelbinder (Seele) (GER) FAI #69146
  10. Thomas Brand (Tom) (GER) FAI #74924
  11. Ivan Avguston (RUS) none
  12. Mathias Lenz (Matze) (GER) FAI #165213
  13. Björn Schubnell (GER) FAI #74919 expired
  14. Eward Slot (NL) FAI #631972
  15. Herman Slot (NL) FAI #412906
  16. George Buijtendijk (NL) FAI #103976
  17. Henk Lunshof (NL) FAI #103970
  18. Frans van Wijngaarden (NL) FAI #98868
  19. Pasi Pirttikoski (FIN) FAI #10206
  20. Matti Pirttikoski (FIN) FAI #62475
  21. Jari Lethi (FIN) FAI #10447
  22. Stefano Tiziani (I) FAI #69476
  23. Adriana Spottova (CZ) FAI #72174
  24. Tomas Deml (CZ) FAI #101705
  25. Sebastian Cato (S) FAI #79386
  26. Jukka Rönkkö (FIN) FAI #101086
  27. Wilco Peppelman (NL) FAI #expired
  28. Lennert van den Berg (NL) FAI #expired
  29. Jarek Zwierzyński (Zwierzu) (PL) FAI #53490
  30. Marcin Bąk (Bączek) (PL) FAI #80331
  31. Michał Balonis (Balon) (PL) FAI #53491
  32. Piotr Czubak (Chewbacca) (PL) FAI expired
  33. Miroslaw Skrzypiec (PL) FAI # 80596
  34. Michał Markowicz (PL) FAI not found
  35. Robert Marjańczyk (Mario) (PL) FAI not found
  36. Gabriel Andrei (Gabi) (RO) FAI #87447
  37. Ciprian Drobota (RO) FAI #87448
  38. Sorin Enghel (RO) FAI #79386
  39. Florian Andrei (RO) FAI #134946
  40. Cristinel Popescu (RO) FAI #87527
  41. Izabela Pilarczyk (PL) FAI #54251
  42. Roger Vinje (N) FAI #63801
  43. Indrek Pappel (EST) FAI #17835


  1. SkyForce dropzone website.
  2. SkyForce on Map: (OpenStreetMap), (Google), geo:51.38328,19.68385?z=18.
  3. European Canopy Formation official website.
  4. Brian and Julia Pangburn website.
  5. FAI ISC Judges website.

2 thoughts on “European CRW/CF Record Attempt 2022 (Poland)”

  1. Hey sean,
    Allways good to join us in Europe! Stay in touch, and we will see what we can organise in 2023!
    You would be a French resident by then?


  2. Sean paquette

    Hello gang!

    My name is Sean, I’m presently on the 36way and 4 point 16 way record in Canada. Also on the world team for November 2022. I’ll be moving to France in January and will happy to assist you in your quest as of 2023.

    Thought I’d drop by and send you guys an email to keep my on your mail list.

    Cheers, and good luck in September.

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