Estonia Parasummer 2017

CF meeting point Estonia July 2017

Welcome to Parasummer boogie in Estonia!

At home with Indrek and Katrin from Estonia

This year Parasummer is held for the 18th time and again it will be in Pärnu, Estonia. During  a week long boogie there are a lot of things going on – coaching (FF, FS, WS, CF), competitions and probably they’re going to try to jump some records. No less important are the social gatherings and parties held during the week and of course the famous beach landing. There are two aircraft serving us – Pilatus Porter (10 slots) and Cessna Caravan (15 slots) and for bigger formations, it would be possible to make those two aircraft fly together.  The main CF load organizer will be Pasi Pirttikoski, and the rumor is that the goal is to practice flying 16-ways.
Parasummer 2017 July 14 – 22
Pärnu, Estonia

Unfortunately, we need two registration forms for this event:
>> KLICK << crEUdogs Registration vor this event
Parasummer Boogie Registration

CF 9way over Estonia

Information about accommodation, prizes, events etc is really well put together on the boogie-website  and when the event gets closer you can follow it on boogie-facebook-site.

Smartphone CF shot in Estonia. Good advertising for our sport.

Fun fact: Parasummer was born under the name of CFSCE’ 99 — Canopy Formation Skydiving Camp Estonia (changed to Parasummer in 2000). Despite the original idea, CF activity decreased after some years until 2014 when more CF jumpers started to gather at the boogie again. Last year we flew a 12-way kite over Pärnu bay, piloted by Pasi Pirttikoski. We would like to keep the numbers up and tradition going, so we welcome all crEUw-dogs to participate the Parasummer & the Cumulus Convention 2017 in Estonia!


Construction of a landing zone on the beach

Text and photos from Katrin Raudsik

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We would like to know who is registering here so that we can organize and forecast a CF briefing. We provide the crEUw-registration form.

The list:
Katrin (EST) L.113

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  1. Last year the organisation was top-notch, the people were amazing fun, the food was great, the sauna was fantastic and the weather was good enough.

    This year is going to be better!

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