ECF Challenge 2018, day 1

ECF Challenge 2018, day 1

Gerben, our pilot for the event
Gerben, our pilot for the event, ready for the third dive of the day.

The morning greated us with a big smiling sun. While Teuge was still waking up the crEUw team started her day with a general briefing, group briefings and manifesting to have the wheels off at 10:37 hours.

To bad we started without our Romanian deligation who had car problems in Germany,  only a 140 km before arriving in Teuge. They had to spend the night in the car before the garage could tell them in the morning their car could not be fixed earlier then Monday. Luckely the world invented the ‘rentals’.

CF-10way Kite
CF-10way Kite, Photo by Seele


While car problems were being solved in Germany, the first 2 loads with small groups got airborne, putting our team where they came for, high in the sky.

15:57, we have lift off from load three with also Cristinel, taking the lead from the Romanian group to join us in a 16-way with Pasi on top. This formation flew well, telling us we are ready to move on.

Meanwhile the base has been practicing aswell with the Lightnings 218. Everyone got their taste of what is aspected from them for the record  while the day creeped to its end. Just putting us at rest after four jumps and giving us time to prepare for the next step forward. See you all tomorrow.

Cristinel, Ciprian and Gabriel
Cristinel, Ciprian and Gabriel ready to jump, deniing the hard time getting to Teuge. Our heroes!

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