ECF Calendar 2024

Reminder Board in Lake Wales Nov 23

Our calendar page is managed via our Google account and mirrored 1:1 on this page. We enter the notes for the corresponding appointments in the Google calendar and can best be viewed in the agenda blocks. We distinguish between European events and events worldwide.

Both calendar variants are public and can also be imported into your own calendar management. If you are interested, please contact Seele. He will then send you the sharing link.

Here are the pre-announcements for Europe

April ???CF-Pilot TrainingEvoraPOR???
May 16-21CF 9waysHildesheimGERPETi
Juni 5-9CF CampVästeråsSWEPasi
July 18-21CF CampUttiFINPasi
??????OdenseDKMartin McAir
Please contact Seele for updates & interesting entries!

Please contact me for additions or changes!

International annual overview, complete worldwide

Sunday December 3

No events found.

Worldwide CF dates displayed via agenda blocks

January 2024

Thursday January 4Monday January 8

All Slot CF Sequenz (Phoenix, USA)

Event Type: SequentialCamp
Skill Levels:Moderate (4 Way+)
Event Page:

Contact: Eric Gallan (

Description: 4 to 9 Way Sequential. Advanced or Newer Groups

March 2024

Sunday March 17Thursday March 21

Spring Fling CF4-way (FL, USA)

2024 is the off year for Spring Fling and it will only be a 4-day event – however – for those wanting more of the 4-way scrambles/camp we did this year, we will have 4-way scrambles again the 4 days prior to Spring Fling.

March 17-20th for the 4-way
March 21-24 for the Spring Fling

Thursday March 21Monday March 25

CF Sequential Spring Fling (FL, USA)

March 17-20th for the 4-way
March 21-24 for the Spring Fling

May 2024

Thursday May 16Wednesday May 22

crEUw (Hildesheim, Germany)

I would like to hold a CF-Camp 16.-21.05.2024 flying 8-way or 9-way formations with rebuilts in groups with the option to fly 16-ways towards the end of that camp.

It is not intended to train puppies and change groups if not necessary. That way I expect to get the best training effect for everyone. Of course, we will have precise briefings and debriefings and try to help everybody to improve.

That means we need predetermined groups of 8 or 9 with one video person to start with. The preferred location at this time is Skydive Hildesheim near Hannover.

To see if it makes since to work on this project I need to see who is interested, I need a positive e-mail response from everyone who wants to participate until the 30th November. If we have at least 18 people, including 2 video persons, I will continue organizing.
Seele will set up a list on our website where we will list the persons who want to join. The camp will take place if I receive the entry fee from at least 18 jumpers until the end of February.

If you want to join, please send a message to me until the 30th November.

Ther PETi

June 2024

Wednesday June 5Monday June 10

CF Camp, Västerås, Sweden

Org by Pasi Pirttikoski (loads)
Plane Caravan
Goal ~9-way sequential

July 2024

Thursday July 18Monday July 22

CF Camp, Utti, Finland

Org by Pasi Pirttikoski (loads)
Plane Caravan, C-206 turbin
Goal ~9-waysequential

Thursday July 25Monday July 29

Dowg Daze (USA)

August 2024

Friday August 2Monday August 5

Go Big (Canada)

September 2024

Thursday September 5Monday September 9

Drop Out 2024 (Canada)

October 2024

Thursday October 3Monday October 7

Fly Extravaganzen in Lake Wales (FL, USA)

Thursday October 17Monday October 21

CF in Lake Elsinore (CA, USA)

November 2024

Tuesday November 12Saturday November 16

Lake Wales CF 9ways (FL, USA)

Sunday November 17Monday November 25

Lake Wales CF-BigWays (FL, USA)

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