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Dutch press opens with; ‘Best skydivers practice spectacular formation jump over Teuge’

TEUGE – The best skydivers in the world are in the Netherlands this week to jump into Skydive Teuge’s jubilee week. The association has been in existence for 50 years. Especially for that milestone, they hope to make a spectacular formation jump with all those international jumpers this weekend.
‘This is the first time that I have been to the Netherlands, I find it very exciting. I have been invited to be here, we have many countries participating, “says Don Bromley from America. The CF jumpers are practicing this week to fly together in formation, and that is quite complicated.

CF Jumpers practicing their next jump.

But with a bit of luck it will be possible this weekend to build a formation with fifty in the sky above Teuge. “Something like this has never been done before above Dutch territory,” said Edwin Boerkamp.

50 years of jumping
Parachute jumps have been taking place at Teuge airport since 1969. That started small, every weekend by a group of fanatics, but the association has now grown into one of the largest parachute centers in Europe.

A lot has changed over the years, says Peter Smit of the National Paracentrum Teuge. From the technology to the material and the regulations. ‘We are becoming increasingly professional, even when you look at jump numbers, which is of course a benchmark. We are now the third in Europe, “says Smit.


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