Dutch 16way Tulip Bouquet

Dutch 16way in April & May 2017

CF Team Kilo and more

Canopy Formation 16way
Canopy Formation 16way

Continuing training for Team Kilo (plus intermediates) and the first steps to a Dutch 16way.

This weekend, Henk would like to call all Dutch to fly a Dutch 16way. Fake-Dutch are welcome too! We will think of something more. While the season is young, we are going to have a flight where we flew our first European formation last year – on the great Dropzone in Teuge.
The registration form is available here. Please use it so we can plan better.

Dates for training: April 15-16
Dates for attempt: May 20-21

THE LIST for May

  1. Gerben
  2. Eward
  3. Herman
  4. Henk
  5. George
  6. Laurent (video)
  7. Frans
  8. Henri
  9. Roland
  10. Onno
  11. Wilco
  12. Lennert
  13. Seele (a fake dutch)
  14. Peti (a fake dutch)
  15. Tom (a fake dutch)

Team Kilo will continue training and we will make room for the rest as well. Further, the first steps to flying a Dutch 16-way will be set 😉
Post from the first training
Post from the second training

Every hour an actual live picture of the hanger from TeugeUpdate without advertising, press F5 on the keyboard.

Vliegveld Teuge › Nord-West

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