Danish CF ‘Bigger Ways’

2st Danish Big Way CF Camp with Grand Carava & coach Pasi Pirttikoski in Odense Lufthavn, 5270 Odense N, Danmark

The small CF community in Denmark is inviting you to join a big way (up to 14 way) Camp – with the competent

Time: Wednesday 9th of august (briefing at 6 PM) to sunday 13th of august 9 am (departure).

This 2nd danish training camp is open to our fellow CReW dogs from both Europe and further abroad – & we will love the company of skilled people as well as newcomers.
We are not – as originally planned – doing the national record attempt – but we will primarily train and gain more experience flying up to 14 way formations with basic as well as more advanced maneuvers.
If time there will be executed a few special CF jump (flag flying – and manual & connected jumps).

Plane: Cessna Caravan

Special: There will most likely be a visit from a A350+ helicopter (only one day)

Occasion: The Danish Parachute Union is celebrating its 60 year anniversary, so it will be a very special camp.

CF registration fee: €50 (payment on arrival day 9th of august)

Camping on site, both vans & tents: free

AAD: Mandatory
Location: HCA Andersen Airport in Odense (see ggogle maps further down)

Registration: Join Facebook event
& write mail with standard jumper info

Blue skies ‘n
more stacks ‘n diamonds

The idea is that we will do about 9-12 -ways, multipoint skydives.

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