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How To Handle Very Critical Situations

1) Introduction

In many incident reports, you can find that there is no explanation why the person that got into trouble did not carry out the appropriate actions to solve the problem. Most of the time that depends on the inability to handle the stress that is caused by a problem that had occurred unexpectedly. These brief instructions are meant to enable a parachutist or any other person to survive hazardous situations.

2) It is all in you mind

Of course, you will experience stress when you find yourself in an unexpected life-threatening situation. But you must never panic under emergency circumstances. If you give into panic, you stop to think rationally and become unable to analyze the problem in order to act the right way. The worst thing to hap-pen is that you surrender yourself to your fate instead of doing everything possible to reduce the problem. Most of the time, doing nothing makes things only worse.

3) Calm down

If panic or fear shows, you need to bring down your excitement and start to analyze the situation. That can be done by taking a deep breath and telling yourself positive things in your mind, like for instance: “I can handle this!” It can be solved!” etc… Being calm and clear is the ultimate requirement to handle the problem.

4) Do the right things in the right order

First of all, you have to recognize the problem by analyzing the situation. If you are in trouble with someone else, you have to communicate with that person in order to get more information and decide how to act. Follow that plan step by step and act as decided according to the conditions. Keep calm until the problem is over. You have time enough to become excited when it is done.

5) Standard Situations

When you think back to what you have learned and experienced in the past, you will hopefully remember that you have learned how to handle certain problems that have occurred and were solved before. It is essential to know these routines and have them available at all times. If you find yourself in such a standard situation, you can take action as learned and save precious time because you do not have to develop your own plan. Time is always essential. So keep repeating the standard routines in your mind over and over again and learn them by heart.

6) Conclusion

If you follow these rules, it is most likely that you can get out of trouble or reduce the consequence of your problem. If you panic, you have already lost the game because you have stopped to think logically and become unable to react in a logical manner.

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Peter A. Pfalzgraf

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