Izabela Pilarczyk

New in CF and in the record-jump

The story of IZA who is new in CF

Izabela Pilarczyk, focused on her jump
Iza, focused on her jump

Life is amazing: in May I started CF and I did 15 jumps. In June I did about 15 jumps more at one of the ECF camps where I set my own first CF-record, a 14-way! After a 2.5 month break from CF and waiting for my new CF canopy, I did 5 jumps on it before I went to the ECF Challenge 2018 in Teuge.

Rekord-Load with two Grand-Caravans and Izabela Pilarczyk
Record-Load with two Grand-Caravans and Izabela Pilarczyk

At this event, during the 6 jumps on the first 2 days, I learned more techniques and how to approach a formation.  At the very last moment I customized my risers  to let me fly comfortably with the formation. This worked great and on the third day I was selected for the record formation!  On the first 30-way we flew, we came just 2 seconds short of having the last grip correct. On the second attempt we DID IT. The formation flew for a full 37 seconds! We also did a third jump to get 4 other team members in the record formation as well. Too bad this last formation got stuck on 28.

Slot 30 for Izabela and her new canopy
Slot 30 for Iza and her new canopy

The most stressful moment was when I was approaching as the last one and I glanced to the side at a beautiful colourful wall of 29 canopies flying high above me and I realized that all these 29 guys were waiting only for me to complete the new EU CF Record. I noticed this disturbing thought and immediately corrected myself and got rid of it, and concentrated only on 2 guys I wanted to dock on: Tom and Kira. I saw nothing else, only their legs. The sound of “complete” coming from them sounded like applause to me, and victory, victory for the whole 30-way team. After break off and landing I nearly got crazy, crying with happiness.

Izabela Pilarczyk
Izabela, happy packing after a great experience

Thank you every one for making it complete.
Herman Slot, Gerben Frankvoort, Gajos, Yuliya for coaching; Henk Lunshof for managing the Record and helping with getting my new canopy on time; Simon for everything: coaching, motivation, inspiration, my new PD Lightning.
Also a big thank you to the crEUw team. You introduced me to CF in a great manner. You guys are great to jump with.

crEUw skies,

From the editor
Iza is a veteran in skydiving with more then 5700 non CF jumps. But still the skills and speed of progression she has shown can be yours as well. Come and jump with us, we will teach you. You may fly a much bigger formation with us next time 😉

3 thoughts on “New in CF and in the record-jump”

  1. A beautiful story with a motivating power to acheive. It sounds like a snap for CF beginners who are open minded and can listen.
    Gerben and Herman did a great briefing and also took time for inexperienced CF-Skydiver. Among them were those who have been in the ECF-team for a long time and for whom a good approach technique comes from the side, is not yet taken for granted.
    The stronger the power of IZA is to evaluate! She has positioned herself very well and correctly in all record attempts. For the two failed attempts, the working time but given away elsewhere.
    Those who, like IZA already resides on a disciplined position is also fast in approach if one’s turn. You’ve demonstrated it all CF-Skydiver, which it is still difficult from the side and not to fly from the rear.
    Respect and congratulations to IZA.
    A hopeful star from Poland in the CF scene

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