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CF Big-way Training

European CF Training 2022European CF training 2022 in Germany, Hungriger Wolf

Where the wolf is hungry, we will also satisfy the European CF hunger after a long Corona-break. Peti has found a host in northern Germany who can offer us the capacity we need.
He provides the following text, which can also be downloaded as a PDF file. Likewise, all other papers that are necessary (see last paragraph for relevant links) for the organization:

The camp will take place July 6th through 10th

The 1st European CF bigway camp this year will be at Hungriger Wolf close to Itzehoe north of Hamburg.

Peter A. Pfalzgraf
CF-Wolf PETi packing his Lightning for the big hunger

The main intent is to fly formations of 9 to 25 in order to practice the base for future European records and learn to fly in a proper echelon for later docks. Its camp is mostly meant for experienced CReW dogs. If possible we will also take care of less experienced ones but not of complete novices.

If you want to participate, you will have to fill out all documents attached and return them to:
PETi’s Mail and also pay the organizing fee of 50,- € to the following account:

Peter A. Pfalzgraf
DE71 1203 0000 1080 0774 62

The entry fee and the documents need to be received at by May 15th 2022. Late entries may be accepted at an entry fee of 75,- € if possible for the organizers.

Camping is possible at the DZ. There is also a limited number of bunk spaces. The jump rate is 31,- € at this time.

Attachments (to be returned until May 15th, 2022)!

Registered Participants by 17.05.2022

  • Peter A. Pfalzgraf (Orga)
  • Herman Slot (Coaching)
  • Henk Lunshof
  • Pasi Pirttykoski
  • Tom Brand
  • Adriana
  • Tomasz Bursa (Video)
  • Holger Gnoth
  • Andreas Jankowsky
  • Marion Jankowsky
  • Alex Redel
  • Frans van Wijngaarden
  • George Butendijk
  • Simon Chelmicki
  • Ivan Avguston
  • Martin Kučera
  • Miroslaw Skrzypiec
  • Roger Vinje
  • Tomasz Cedro
  • Jaroslaw Zwiersynski
  • Mathias Lenz (Matze)
  • Justyna Sinica
  • Tomas Deml
  • Erwin Rosa
  • Piero Tanda
  • Nicolo Cardelli
  • Stefano Tiziano
  • Peter Lendle
  • Wilco Peepelman
  • Ben Simoens

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  1. Hi
    Carmen Juneau from Canada plans a new “Woman’s CF World Record” project and encourages all woman CF skydiverettes to be part of it.
    As a first event a “Womans 6way Sequential Competition” is planned this summer. Since probably most European countries will have problems to find the minimum 50% Woman’s participation in their home country, I would suggest to have Woman’s day during the “Hungriger Wolf” Camp in July. This can fit fine in the general training program and just need a female top flyer. Get more info on YouTube and support!

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