New European CF sequential Record

CF Russia set a new European CF sequential Record!

Post from Natalya Lapshina

From 22-25 August the Russian CF Large Formation Team gathered at the Krutitsy DZ (in the Ryazan region) with the aim of building a 21-way Canopy Formation and performing two sequential formations, or more if possible. Denis Dononov the leader of the Project, had evaluated the skill-level of the skydivers and decided that this technically challenging goal – large sequential formations – was achievable.

The formal history of the CF Large Formation Team in Russia starts in 2011 when 19 skydivers registered the first Russian Record. Since then, the Large Formation Team has changed significantly but the dream of Large Formations is still in the forefront. 

We had a total of four days: two for training and two for the record attempts. The record was set during the second day, on the second jump. However, FAI rules require that the pictures of the two sequential formations show every grip in the formations clearly and simultaneously. We did not find such a picture on the jump video!   

The team took to the air again. Straightaway, on the next jump, a 21-way formation was built, with grips broken and nine canopies rebuilding: an even better result than the previous jump.  What a feeling!

Last week, the preliminary package of documents was transferred to the FAI and the Formation was assigned the status “Preliminary record claim received.” Now we have three months to submit the full package and then, we wait for the ratification. We just wait and think about the next step!

From editors, a big congrats to our Russian brothers and sisters. What a nice job. We hope you will get your ratification soon. 

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