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‘crW cats’ get together at Parasummer

the crW cats dirt-diving a 6-way stack
The crW cats dirt-diving a 6-way stack

This year, CF at the Parasummer boogie included the first meet for women interested in joining the Women’s (crW) European CF record attempt, which is currently planned for 2018.

While some of the more experienced female jumpers in the crEUw team were unable to attend, we still had a pretty good turnout. There were six women in total and it was great to see a range of countries represented, with jumpers from Russia, Estonia, Finland, UK and Poland. Alongside a couple of familiar faces from previous crEUw events, there was an impressive number of new crW cats, with as few as 25 CF jumps.

Six was a good number to work with. It meant we could practice different slots in the larger formations and make a few all-women jumps practicing boxes, arrow heads and stacks. We had some great jumps and in the process set a new (informal) record for a crW formation flown in the Estonian sky, a 5-way stack. We all learnt a great deal and came away with clear ideas of what we need to work on and a good feeling about making a record attempt in the future; we look forward to going bigger and better. So, if you know any female CF jumpers, spread the word and get them to give the crW cats a shout.

A ground shot of the 6-way stack building with Teemu
A ground shot of the 6-way stack building with Teemu Hietakari filming

Text by Mary
Photos by Pasi

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