50 Years Skydive Teuge

With World-Class CF-Coaches

Skydive Teuge, is celebrating their 50th anniversary and that’s the reason for several special events this year, including a Canopy Formation event.This will be one of the biggest CF events in Europe. From June 20 – 30.

This event will be Co- organized by the 100-way CF world record organizers Brian Pangburn & Chris Gay!

We are proud to announce that there is already a great interest from Crew dogs from: several countries in Europe, Australia, Russia, USA, Canada and South America to join in this event, and we are aiming to host at least 75 CRWdogs.

Our focus is to host a week of big way Canopy Formation for a various of skill levels. Depending on the number of participants registered, and the variety of skill level what’s present, we will do all our best to manage a whole week of big way fun!

In the spirit of our previous European record events at Teuge our focus is on: safe jumps, in a good atmosphere, with skilled coaches and excellent jump facilities, among those good friends from all over the world. The boogie starts at Monday 08.00 hrs with a circle up. In the weekend before, 22-23 June there are limited slots for one-on-one coaching (4 pup slots). We expect that the participants for the boogie will come in during this weekend and get ready for the event like with the paperwork on the manifest. Some of you will have to get their AAD and or Lightning build in. When done, we expect enough crw dogs to be around to do some warm up CF jumps.

Depending on number of participants, skills, progress and motivation we can build up a formation as big as we safely can do. Basic Bigway coaching, Big Way sequential and flying pieces are on the program. The more experienced the participators are, the more we will ‘boogie’.
Three super powered grand caravans will be available and if necessary a fourth on the Thursday and Friday can be arranged.

CF Shark Team

Our coaches are: Chris Gay, Brian Pangburn,
Event Organisers/Coach: Henk Lunshof, Gerben Frankvoort, Eward Slot, Herman Slot
Like the previous European record events, experienced coaches as Pasi, Tom Brand, Peti, Scymon will be available to assist during the event.

Registration fee is € 25,-
Jump tickets are € 22,-

Contact from Skydive Teuge: Christien Meijers
Contact for crEUw: Henk Lunshof

>> Registration form <<

Accommodations on the DZ and in the neighborhood.

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