ECF Challenge 2018, ratified!

The European Record is official

We are proud to announce that the FAI has ratified the following Class G (Parachuting) European record:
Claim number: 18837 
Sub-class : G-2 / Performance Records 
Category: General 
Group / Type: Largest Formation Records – Canopy Formation
Course/location: Teuge (Netherlands)
Performance: 30 parachutists

Celebred the record with Heinecken. The Dutch kind of good water
Celebrating the record. The 30-way Team from 2018

2018 was a very exciting year for CF in Europe. On 26 August our CF brothers and sisters from Russia flew a 28-way record. In doing so they broke our 25-way record of 2016. This was a very challenging starting point for the ECF group, which was working on a record attempt for September that year. Thank you CF Russia for putting up that milestone.

Whereas, in 2016, the 25-way record built by our ECF team included nine nationalities, the 2018 30-way record team consisted of jumpers from 12 European nationalities. We are proud of the growth of these events, not only the amount of members taking part but also the extent of the countries involved.
Making this record happen involved a good deal of cooperation: it was initiated by our German members; it was executed in Teuge; and, the paperwork completed by the Polish gave us a new insight into organizing and cooperativeness. 
We are very grateful to the FAI and IPC for taking the time and putting energy and effort into considering this record application before rectifying it. Thank you IPC/FAI, you are now part of our achievement as well!

So indeed also a thank you to Andreas Jankowsky for executing one of the last tasks of all the work that has been put in to this record attempt and creating this poster, a nice piece of art as a record.

European Record CF30way, September 2018
European Record CF30-way, September 2018

Last but not least a big thank you to the ECF members who performed in the record. These where: Gabriel Andrei (Romania), Marcin Bak (Poland), Michal Balonis (Poland), Mary-lou Barratt (United Kingdom), Thomas Brand (Germany), George Buijtendijk (Netherlands), Sebastian Cato (Sweden), Szymon Chelmicki (Poland), Tomas Demel (Czech Republic), Ciprian Drobotǎ (Romania), Gerben Frankvoort (Netherlands), Maciej (Gajos) Gago (Poland), Holger Gnoth (Germany), Konstantin Nikolaevich Krivosheev (Russian Federation), Martin Kučera (Czech Republic), Jari Lehti (Finland), Paweł Michalski (Poland), Indrek Pappel (Estonia), Peter A. Pfalzgraf (Germany), Izabela Pilarczyk (Poland), Pasi Pirttikoski (Finland), Matti Pirttikoski (Finland), Thomas Rohde-Seelbinder (Germany), Benedikt Simoens (Belgium), Herman Slot (Netherlands), Grzegorz Sujkowski (Poland), Kira Tsindiaikina (Russian Federation), Jaroslaw Zwierzynski (Poland), Frans van Wijngaarden (Netherlands), Dennis van der Coelen (Netherlands)

EU-Record Members right after the CF-Record Jump
EU-Record Members right after the CF-Record Jump

Not yet mentioned are those who also took the time and effort to be in Teuge or the training camps prior to the record. It means we have more potential and options to have a new goal to achieve in the future. It is also great to notice that we have two groups in Europe pushing the boundaries of CF. Where could that take us when we organize and jump together?

For beginners, we also recommend reading the post by Izabela.
Maurice finished a video of the Record-Week, as well!

If you are interested in doing CRW, come, join and have fun, because that’s what we do!

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